New Book Promises 28 Days to Health and Happiness

Rob Fast's latest e-book, "The Fast Way," outlines a simple, proven strategy to change habits and embrace positive new behaviors.

Los Angeles, CA, September 09, 2015 --( has announced its long-awaited e-book, 'The Fast Way to Health and Happiness - 28 Days to a Better You and a Better Life'.

After 20 years of researching the physiology and psychology of what it takes for people to be healthy and happy, Rob Fast has created a strategy to help change negative habits and embrace positive habits that lead to success in all that we do. "The main reason diets and fitness programs fail... the primary reason we feel unfulfilled and unhappy, is that we must first adopt a new way of thinking before we attempt to adopt a new way of living," according to Fast.

Numerous studies have shown that it takes 28 days to alter bad habits or to generate positive new habits. 'The Fast Way' is a cumulative process that encourages readers to read just one short, simple chapter per day. Each chapter consists of a single task. The following day, that task is coupled with a new task. Then the next day, we continue with previous tasks as we take on one additional task, and so on. "It is as much about the process as it is about the content," adds Fast.

"It's not just an easy read... it's a must read!" says CBS Radio. And recently said, "The simplest, smartest way to begin or enhance a fit lifestyle."

You can learn more about Rob Fast and 'The Fast Way' by visiting

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Rob Fast is a fitness trainer, restaurateur, juicing enthusiast, author, speaker and personal coach. He discovered that fitness is a lifestyle... a mindset, not simply a membership to a gym. Good health is about learning to make different choices, not about denying ourselves the things we enjoy. And happiness is about integrating these into our daily lives, our families and our social circles. Visit for more information.
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