Green Comma & Werkz Publishing Makes Publishing Dream Reality

Green Comma, a digital publishing services company for both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and Werkz Publshing, a leading-edge digital learning products company, have entered into a partnership to provide wider and speedy access to a state-of-the-art publishing platform for multiple digital devices.

Green Comma & Werkz Publishing Makes Publishing Dream Reality
Boston, MA, September 30, 2015 --( “As a digital interactive curriculum, (PageWerkz) took advantage of modern technology to add animation, video clips and classroom discussion to engage students in a more interesting and efficient learning process.” (Dr. Meera Chandrasekhar, University of Missouri)

Green Comma ( and Werkz Publishing ( today announced a partnership to offer PageWerkz, (, an integrated digital workbook platform for content developers to transform all materials into interactive and dynamic formats on multiple digital devices for on and offline use.

The focus of the partnership is to bring this unique and accessible platform to both traditional and nontraditional content developers so that they can rapidly ingest, upload and distribute their content onto multiple and varied digital platforms. The market focus is not simply in educational publishing but also in open education resources (OER), customization in the corporate sector, and professional development both in corporate and not-for-profit institutions.

Recently, PageWerkz collaborated with the University of Missouri’s Dr. Meera Chandrasekhar, who had received a $5 million, multiyear NSF grant to develop a ninth-grade interactive physics course. Physics at the high school level is one of the hardest courses content-wise and probably the toughest to maintain student engagement and interest in.

“The Exploring Physics curriculum app, which was developed with the support of the National Science Foundation and in partnership with Werkz Publishing, is a wonderful resource for our partner districts and instructors,” Chandrasekhar said. “The mobile app was developed to provide teaching resources to instructors that address key physics concepts such as motion, forces, energy, electricity and waves. Based on pedagogies developed and refined through the grant, we’ve tested the curriculum on more than 10,000 students and over 100 teachers. Exploring Physics is an interactive curriculum where students can view animations, work with simulations, conduct labs, enter data, make graphs and drawings and then submit their work electronically for grading. The app allows students to learn anytime and anywhere without needing the internet continuously.”

Green Comma’s managing director, Amit Shah, who has been in educational publishing for over thirty years considers PageWerkz the breakthrough product not only for publishers interested in customizing their content for their clients but also for not-for-profit organizations that are creating professional development materials and information packets and booklets for wider audiences. “Fast, easy, accessible are 21st-century needs and this product rolls it up for the client,” says Shah.

Mark Salata, CEO of Werkz Publishing, says, “Our specialty is in harnessing the dynamic capabilities of the digital devices you use without the Achilles heel of needing a full-time connection to the Internet. So, you can take your dynamic content anywhere, anytime, on any computer or tablet. This is especially important in growing markets, but even in the U.S. where we have sporadic Internet connectivity.”

About the Companies:
Werkz Publishing, started in 2012 with Mark Salata, Ph.D. as CEO, is a leading digital learning products company based in San Diego, CA. Werkz Publishing leverages the best research-based instructional designs with the interactive capabilities of today’s digital hardware to go far beyond making textbooks or even simple digital books.

Green Comma, founded in 2008, by Amit Shah, co-founder and current managing director, is based near Boston, in Somerville, MA. Originally started as a content developer for both print and digital learning materials and objects in core K-12 subjects has now expanded to providing services to nonprofit organizations and digital online content companies.
Green Comma
Amit Shah
Publishing Dream is Now a Reality

Publishing Dream is Now a Reality

Green Comma ( and Werkz Publishing ( today announced a partnership to offer PageWerkz, (, an integrated digital workbook platform.