Standalone M-Commerce App for Direct Sales

If you’re sick and tired of having a broken user experience in your consumer facing web sites, take a look to Shopfactor, the new standalone mobile app that can take orders, process payments with no integration pain and still track commissions.

Standalone M-Commerce App for Direct Sales
Miami, FL, December 09, 2015 --( Leapfactor Inc. today announced immediate availability of Shopfactor, for both iOS and Android. Shopfactor provides end-to-end shopping capabilities for end customers while addressing attributions to track commissions of reps and affiliates.

Shopfactor handles product catalogs, push notifications, promotions, marketing literature and full PCI compliant shopping carts for consumers to place orders with credit cards with a simplified user experience.

“We are excited to launch a mobile application that allows our clients to interact with our fashion catalogs in new ways, helping them visualize what they are about to order,” said Gean Pierre Biffulco, Digital Strategist of TISSINI, a jewelry company based in Miami, Florida. “The ability to attribute commissions to originating affiliates and establish a direct channel to our clients opens new dimensions for us.”

Shopfactor can be branded and deployed in a couple of weeks. Orders processed through the platform have a marginal incremental cost per order of 29¢ + 2.35% of all successful transactions (rates based on annual sales). The platform provides managed services for content and technical support for the App.

“Traditional Web sites in Direct Sales are far from successful, and Mobile websites don't convert well. Mobile devices represent 60% of browsing traffic, yet only account for 15% of purchases. Shopfactor enhances the user experience adding instant purchase buttons to allow brands of any size, to start selling more. Said Lionel C Carrasco, Founder and CEO of Leapfactor, “By vesting a full integration with the ePayments Network platform Shopfactor can provide world-class merchant services and credit card transaction processing built in a simple model with no minimum or hidden fees.”

Leapfactor provides an attribution engine that allows the brand or reps to share and promote ads that can trace conversions for commission’s reconciliation. Shopfactor empower brands to use creative ways to leverage affiliates and the power of their reps and customers social networks.

Field representatives can share the App with proprietary links to promote products, parties, etc. and salesfactor will “magically” create attributions to recognize commissions, calculated by the systems of record (backend). Any celebrity can now promote a product on Facebook and get paid a % on conversions while customers are assigned on the field downline as a performance reward.

Salesfactor can be fully integrated with backend systems when desired and possible, but it can also be deployed as stand alone App with zero frictions. There are just 3 steps to deploy: 1) Brand the App, 2) Load Products, Content, pricing and promotions, 3) Promote Downloads and wait for orders. Every time a customer submits an order, we will calculate taxes, shipping, verify addresses, process payments, and send you an order ready for fulfillment with proof of payment. Your money will be deposited within 24-48 hours with no withholds or refund penalties.

Leapfactor transform the way brand and sales people touch customers. We’ve entered into an era, where the lines between in-store, eCommerce and mobile commerce are blurred.

About Leapfactor
Leapfactor provides Business Apps that radically impact customer engagement and enhance sales execution increasing our customers’ profitability.

Our cloud based Mobile Platform was designed from the ground up to support Game-Changing business Apps that extend enterprise software limits. By bringing together “systems of record” and digital content, our task driven Apps engage, shape and connect businesses and people, while providing insights over users behavior.

Leapfactor serve Enterprise clients and charge based on monthly subscriptions per user and/or a fee per transaction.

Headquartered in Miami, for additional information please visit

About ePayments Network
ePayments Network is a Tier 1 Payment Platform company that provides merchant and credit card transaction processing services to both large and small businesses. Our platform has a configurable robust foundation that allows tailoring of our gateway to serve industry segments with specific needs.

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Shopfactor Press Release

Shopfactor Press Release

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