is the New Name in Diamonds, Expertise and Quality Without the Extra Cost

Bringing their years of offline trading to the Internet ensures friendly and personal approach to buying diamonds online. New company makes Service and Quality number one priority, high-end jewelry without the high-end cost. is the New Name in Diamonds, Expertise and Quality Without the Extra Cost
Valencia, CA, December 26, 2007 --( is ready to bring their expertise to the online diamond-buying world. Offering the best in quality cut stones, from three stone diamond rings to necklaces and jewelry, this family company is bringing the personal touch to an often- impersonal market. Expertise, quality and professional and unbiased advice will mean you buy only the diamond that’s right for you.

“We realized that although buying diamonds online was an excellent way to save money, it could also be a disappointing experience,” says George Barrows, founder and owner or “You didn’t get the experience of personal advice that you would in a dedicated store, nor did you feel involved at any time – it was just a matter of looking at a page and clicking a mouse. We strongly believe this didn’t have to be the case, and that’s where the idea of came from.”

This belief has the background to re-enforce his views, with Barrows enjoying over 5 years of trading offline in the diamond industry. During this time, he built up a loyal client base thanks to the incredible lengths he will go to in ensuring your complete satisfaction. This includes the ability to call him at any time and discuss your purchase, or potential purchase, and it’s this approach that makes buying from seem like you’re buying from a good friend.

It’s also seen Barrows make connections the length and breadth of the world, building his expertise and contact network to include some of the foremost and respected experts in the diamond world. This ensures that only the best quality cut diamonds make their way to you when you buy online. Yet the service and overall experience doesn’t stop there. is committed to bringing you the best diamonds for a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay. Instead of the sky-high prices that retailers can charge – often as much as 200% mark-up on the cost – Barrows promises that his diamonds will come to you at a price almost as good as cost. “With a brick-and-mortar jewelry background myself, I know that the prices can be nowhere near what the diamond actually cost. This is due to the extra overheads involved in an offline business – although my mark-ups were never anywhere near 200%.”

Advising on the different aspects of clarity, diamond cut and carat as well as color, brings this offline retail experience to the online world for a truly unique experience. So the next time you’re looking for a three stone diamond ring or simply a special diamond gift, enjoy the service of a diamond specialist. Enjoy

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