Lamar Sally Ready to Tell the Truth About His Marriage to Sherri Shepherd and Life as a Single Dad in New Unscripted Reality Series

MEGA Productions Developing “Single Dads of LA ” to Follow Sally’s Journey and Shine a Light on Single Fathers.

Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2016 --( Lamar Sally, former husband of “The View” talk show host Sherri Shepherd, is developing a new unscripted reality series in partnership with Executive Producer Mary Glynn of MEGA Productions Entertainment. “Single Dads of LA” will follow the lives of five single dads, including Sally, as he picks up the pieces of his life following his bitter 2014 divorce from Shepherd.

Although Sally and Shepherd agreed to have a child using a surrogate to carry their baby, six months into the pregnancy, Shepherd filed for divorce and sued to take her name off the birth certificate. After numerous hearings and a trial, Shepherd was deemed by the court to be the mother of their son, Lamar Jr., but she has still chosen to not have any relationship with the child. Sally met Shepherd in 2009 at a friend’s game night party, and after one year of a long distance relationship they were married in August 2011. Following the divorce, Shepherd was ordered to pay $4,100 per month in child support which contributes to caring for LJ, who was born with a medical condition called G6PD, a genetic blood disorder which could be fatal. Without the support, Sally fears that Lamar Jr.’s health could be compromised.

Shepherd is now appealing the lower courts’ ruling to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The precedent is unparalleled. “People don’t realize the importance of this upcoming decision,” says Glynn. “If Shepard wins the appeal, it could change the state of surrogacy as we know it in the United States. The stakes are high.” Legal analysts are watching the case very closely. No person has ever backed out of a surrogacy agreement once the surrogate has become pregnant.

Despite the chaos surrounding his legal battle, Sally has created an extensive support system of family and friends for son LJ, including joining LA Dads Club. Sally learned that about 24% or 2.6 million single-parent households are headed by fathers. His involvement in the organization inspired the idea for the new series. “Single Dads of LA” will document the experiences of these fathers as they try to balance parenting with their careers, dating and their complicated relationships with the mothers of their children, while building a bond with each other.

“Although I may have a unique story in how I became a single father, many other men are going through similar experiences and learning to raise children on their own,” said Sally. “I never imagined I would be raising our son alone, but becoming a father is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. LJ is an amazing son, and my priority is raising a happy and healthy kid no matter what life brings our way. I’m ready to share my story and talk about my marriage, the reasons why we got divorced, why I feel Sherri walked away from me and our son and my work with a therapist to find peace. I hope that showing my life with LJ will be a source of encouragement for other fathers.”

“As the number of single father headed households continues to grow, “Single Dads of LA” will shine a light on this new phenomenon while also exploring the complexities and possible complications of the surrogacy process,” said Glynn. “This is the type of show that is relatable to so many people with children who have dealt with moments of drama, joy, heart-break and happiness all mixed into one. It will definitely make great television.”

Although Sally’s divorce and subsequent court battle have been very public, his background is fairly unknown. Sally grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he excelled as an athlete and earned a football scholarship to Central Michigan University. After his football career ended he attended Columbia College Screenwriting and Directing Program. His life changed when he decided to move Hollywood, California to pursue a career as a writer. While teaching in Los Angeles public schools, Sally won several elite writing fellowships including the Nickelodeon Fellowship and the prestigious Disney Fellowship. He was a staff writer on the ABC sitcom “Rodney” and sold a show to HBO, which was loosely based on his life as a teacher in the urban Los Angeles School district. In addition to raising LJ, Sally has returned to pursing his passion as a film and television writer.

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