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Everyone is making resolutions - right? Lose weight, start a home business, make more money, fire your boss. Check, check, check, check. Resolutions are great, but their success depends on follow through and the right system. You provide the follow through and the right system is provided by the CarbonCopyPro System produced by Happy Joyous and Free Marketing LLC.

Boise, ID, December 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- "Three years ago I was sitting down thinking 'here I am again,'"states William Wildig. "I had a ton of New Year's resolutions, I joined a gym, I bought self-help books I signed up for a home based business and by the end of February, I was doing the same old thing. My current life took over my dreams."

This is the common problem that most people face when trying to start up a network marketing business. Their current life took over from their dreams and they never made good on the resolution. In reality, most did not even make a start on that resolution. Why is that? Were they lacking in something, motivation, guts, information? Or was it just the how and where of making the change.

For a lot of people starting a home based business means some form of what is called network marketing, multi-level marketing or MLM. What ever it is called, the steps to success are all the same. Whether it is person-to-person selling, internet marketing or a mixture of both, action and more action is required to succeed. The failure rate of network marketing alone is 97%. How can a person become one of the 3% that succeed and make the kind of income they read about all over the internet? Wildig says that "I finally got the results I needed in network marketing by using the CarbonCopyPro system provided by Happy Joyous and Free Marketing LLC."

For many people, the words “network marketing” or “MLM” (multi-level marketing) invoke nightmare images of hitting up your the so-called “warm market.” The warm market includes those one to three hundred people close to you, but soon to loathe the sight of you. It also includes those unfortunate enough to have crossed your path at some time in the distant past or at the supermarket this morning. You then plead, cajole, persuade, argue and plain pressure them to join your program. Or (heaven forbid) organize house parties and presentations to make your pitch to a captive audience.

For most people, once they sign up for a network marketing campaign, they realize that the only way to sell their product is to personally sell to the poor souls that are crossing their path. What is the result: They quit.

What is an option then? The option is to run a network marketing campaign using the internet. There is no cold calling and no scaring your friends and family away with your sales pitches (unless you really want to, that is).

Internet marketing is a way to get people to approach you to join your business rather that you approaching them. This is a truly revolutionary way to approach network marketing. And the best thing is that internet marketing done right can sell anything.

Over the last year, Wildig has been conducting an internet marketing business offering financial educational training and tools and special financial affiliations. "Once I had the right training and system to market myself and the company's educational materials, the internet proved to be the path to a six-figure income. If I can run an exclusively internet business on-line so can you," says Wildig. "I found a group that allowed me to earn income while I learned various internet marketing techniques and they even made the first calls to my prospects."

Wildig is quick to point out that internet marketing is not creating a website and then sitting back expecting the business to run itself. "I work every bit as hard in my online network marketing business as I would in an offline network marketing business. This is just a different method, that’s all."

So what’s involved in running a network marketing business online then?

At its core, network marketing (whether on-line or off-line) is a simple business. It’s all about generating leads, qualifying those leads and then following up with those qualified leads until they take the action you want them to take (or tell you to stop) - either by purchasing product from you or joining your downline as a productive distributor.

Network marketing at its core is a numbers game. Therefore, it is ideally suited to being run online. Why? Because all internet business is a numbers game. In real estate the key is location, location, location. In the internet world, it is traffic, traffic, traffic. The key to internet business is getting as many people to your web site as you can. The numbers show that only somewhere in the range of 2% - 4% of site visitors will click on a link that can generate revenue for the web-site owner. Of those 2% - 4% of visitors who click on the link, however, only 1% or so of them will go on to buy after clicking on the link. Therefore, with such tiny response rates, high traffic is the holy grail. The same principle holds true for network marketing businesses.

How do you generate traffic? This depends on your starting position. If you already have an established web site and your network marketing business is a natural fit with that existing site, then you will not need to do too much in the way of additional lead generation for your network marketing business other than including a link to your network marketing company’s web site from your existing site. Most people do not have this luxury.

If you don’t have an existing web site, you’re going to have to start from ground zero. Most people have no idea how to do this. Wildig started his internet business from scratch and was up and running on the internet within fifteen minutes using the CarbonCopyPro system. That system removed the website creation, marketing material and initial personal sales contact from the equation. "I had no idea how to market myself when I started. CarbonCopyPro provided me with a system and training that allowed me to get a website up and running quickly. My sponsor provided me with the tools to learn how to market my site and myself while making money. The CarbonCopyPro Millionaire Masterminds Marketing group made the initial calls to my leads and closed on those leads for me," states Wildig.

Without a turnkey solution, you are going to need to create a web site, link to your network marketing company’s site from that web site, submit your site to the search engines and employ all the other ways of driving traffic to it, and you may need to start publishing an ezine (electronic newsletter) or blog on a relevant subject and on a regular basis and build a sizeable subscriber list (again using a variety of different methods).

To generate significant traffic to your site and subscribers to your ezine/blog is going to take time. Lots of it. Months, in fact. A new website should probably allow a year before it’s at a size that will make much of a difference.

Most people do not have the time or resources to work for a year to build a subscriber base that will generate enough income to live on, let alone enough to live a good life style.

The next option then is a turnkey approach. There are a number of services that provide what they call a turnkey approach, but currently only one that not only offers website set ups and marketing material, but also offers to make that all important first call to the lead. According to Wildig, that service is CarbonCopyPro.

"CarbonCopyPro gave me the tools to be successful beyond my wildest dreams. I never could have learned so much about internet marketing in such a short time with out it. It changed my life and helped me to finally keep a New Years Resolution."

For more information on how internet marketing can be done through a turnkey solution, visit www.truewealth-now.com/?=pr1228.

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Robert Overstreet