New from Redemption Press: "The Orphan Syndrome: Breaking Free & Finding Home"

Ever felt like an orphan in this world? Have you experienced a broken heart, disconnection and restlessness? These are symptoms of a wounded spirit and the orphan syndrome. The essence of the orphan syndrome is a lie that says - "You are on your own."

New from Redemption Press: "The Orphan Syndrome: Breaking Free & Finding Home"
Enumclaw, WA, March 04, 2016 --( In the classic Bob Dylan song Ballet of a Thin Man, the tortured protagonist cries out, "Oh my God, am I here all alone?" Being alone can be a refreshing time of solitude, a time of reflection and inspiration. Many people seek such a time of isolation as a way of restoring their emotional balance. A good book, a quiet walk on the beach, or times of prayer can be cathartic and healing from a busy and demanding world. These are good things when one chooses them.

In his book, Dr. Nick Eno states for some, this isolation is not an elective but a forced state of being that leaves indelible scars on one's soul. There are innumerable causes for the deep wounds cut so deep into our being. Childhood trauma such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse; parental abandonment, either physical or emotional; rape; abortion; or divorce are among the events that can leave gashes on our psyche. Ultimately, these lead to a place where we hear an inner voice telling us, "you're on your own, you're all alone here."

Dr. Nick Eno, a counselor in Dallas, calls this the orphan syndrome. He writes, "This feeling of being an orphan in the world is wounding and debilitating; keeping too many people from finding joy and satisfaction in life." In the introduction to his new book, "The Orphan Syndrome, Breaking Free and Finding Home," (Enumclaw, WA. Redemption Press, 2016 ISBN# 978-1-63232-647-8). Dr. Eno shows what the orphan syndrome looks like. He introduces us to Heather, forty-nine, a mother of two grown children. Her revealing opening statement is, "I am so tired, so dry inside." She felt disconnected from her children and unloved by her husband.

"Heather had professed Christ when she was nine, but had never experienced the kind of personal relationship that others often describe. Heather worked really hard to dot the I's and cross the t's in her life-college degree, married with children by twenty-five, a very successful career in real estate, and active in her church and community. Yet there she sat in my office-fearful, lonely, depressed, on the verge of divorce, in constant physical pain, and feeling very alienated from God and her family. She feels like an orphan. Heather has an orphan spirit." There are more orphans around you than you might know. (excerpt from page xiii)

There is a bumper sticker that says, "Be nice to everyone you meet because they are each in some kind of battle." You know it's true. And some of the people you will encounter feel like orphans, alone even in a crowd.

Is there a cure for this condition? The author believes there is. Dr. Eno teaches that growing in God is the solution and cure for the orphan syndrome. He writes: "There is no shortcut to Christian maturity. It takes time as well as our cooperation. It is a process, not an event. Too often we want God to deliver us by miracles. However, God wants to develop our character so we can apply his principles, and not end up in the graves that we dig for ourselves. No one is an orphan, spiritually, except by choice." (excerpt from page xiv)

As the publisher, they are well aware that overcoming this syndrome is hard work, very hard work. But Dr. Nick's words offer encouragement for those of us wounded by life. He writes, "There is hope for every orphan spirit through the healing power of Jesus Christ and the grace that is freely offered to each one of us, a gift from God our heavenly Father." (excerpt from page xvi)

Jesus said, "... seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you." (Matt 7:7b&c) Words to encourage and to offer hope.

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