Charity Memorializing Extraordinary Fallen Kindergarten Teacher Approaches One-Year Anniversary

Too many school children in the U.S. live with food insecurity. Many of those children also go without hot lunches at school, medical and dental examinations, prescriptions and academic supplies needed to assure positive life outcomes. Corbin’s Legacy is dedicated to continuing the work of Corbin Leafman, a teacher whose life was cut short far too early, is committed to making sure that these sad facts change. No child should suffer, no parent should feel powerless. #becauseweknewher

Charity Memorializing Extraordinary Fallen Kindergarten Teacher Approaches One-Year Anniversary
Mesa, AZ, August 22, 2016 --( To her last living day, which came too soon at only 31, Corbin Leafman dedicated herself to making sure that every one of her students had a hot lunch, food for dinner, food for the weekend, clothing, school supplies, and a great education. Corbin worked in the trenches, teaching in some of Arizona’s poorest schools. At 28 she was diagnosed with breast cancer but she kept up her teaching load for nearly three years. When it became too much for her to work in the classroom she spent her time writing and winning more than 50 grants so that her colleagues and their students had classroom furnishings, equipment, supplies, and books. She inspired dozens of teachers, aides, administrators, janitors, PE teachers, and lunchroom ladies to take action and prevent any child from falling through the cracks.

The purpose of Corbin’s Legacy is to perpetuate Corbin’s compassion, generosity and drive by continuing her endless work to eliminate educational and healthcare inequity experienced by children in need. The mission of Corbin's Legacy is to improve life and academic outcomes by eliminating food insecurity beginning with assuring that no elementary school-aged child goes without hot lunch, or is embarrassed, because their meal account is too low or depleted. And, to assist underserved children with other basic health and academic needs that most of us take for granted, like medical and dental examinations, prescription fulfillments, school supplies, eye glasses, uniforms, and even shoes. Requesting assistance is easy and response time is fast. One hundred percent of donations go to helping children in need. To date, after only eleven months, Corbin’s Legacy has assisted over 4,000 children and their families with more than 500 food gift cards, 450 clothing gifts cards, thousands of dollars in academic supplies, medical, dental and eye examinations for over 100 children, prescription medications for over 50 children, and well over 10,000 hot school lunches. All of this is accomplished thanks to Corbin's legacy supporters nationwide who donate, serve, and spread the word.

In the wealthiest country in the world no child should struggle, no parent should feel powerless. Corbin dedicated her life to this belief and her passion for improving the lives of this nation’s most vulnerable children needs to continue and be shared. #becausweweknewher

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