Mom/Author Learns How to Use "The Light"

Everyone's experienced those feelings of sadness, loneliness and despair from time to time. Most just try to suffer through it, hoping it will soon pass. Mom/Author Barbie Monterrosa believes she has the answer. Mom to 4 amazing kids, Barbie knows how stressful everyday life can be. In her new book, "The Light of Life" (published by Winters Publishing Group), Barbie shares how letting the light in can chase out the darkness and bring in an attitude of gratitude and hope.

Mom/Author Learns How to Use "The Light"
Clarkston, MI, November 02, 2016 --( Everyone experiences times of feeling lonely, unhappy, nothing’s going right; and it’s so easy during those times to fall into despair and just wallow in it. Those that come from a country background can probably remember being told to just "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" or "don't worry, be happy.” Oh, only if it were that simple. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 350 million people globally of all ages suffer from depression.

WPG author Barbara (Barbie to family and friends...and this sweet lady has a lot of both) Monterrosa may just have the answer to chasing away those dark clouds that keep threatening to rain on our parade. In her latest book, "The Light of Life," Barbie shares how everyone can turn on “The Light.” Much like flicking the switch and turning on a light bulb in a dark room, Barbie testifies how “The Light” has allowed her to live a life full of enthusiasm, fun, love and passion with a family that includes a husband, four beautiful children, dogs, cats, chickens, and a calendar so heavy the magnet won’t hold it on the refrigerator. Like most parents, Barbie’s typical day includes packing lunches, catching buses, the chaos of looking for missing socks, doing forgotten homework, running (literally) to ball practices, chasing missed get the picture. But Barbie found “The Light,” and when she learned how to apply it to her life, she found that it brought peace and comfort to what would be an otherwise chaotic world. Barbie’s book "The Light of Life" can be found online and in stores everywhere.
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