"Unexpected Treason," Comprehensive Obama Review, Now Available on Amazon.com as a Paperback Book or Kindle eBook

Houston, TX, October 27, 2016 --(PR.com)-- "Unexpected Treason," written by James McCormack, is a comprehensive academic analysis and political expose of the presidency of Barack Obama that alleges Obama is a radical Muslim and committed treason. Willowbrook Publishing is pleased to produce a book that presents a thesis, allegedly with supporting evidence that aims to prove Obama has been a major threat to America and the West, that the author claims to support with documented facts and quotes. The author feels the book should be read by all individuals who are trying to fully understand the internal workings of the Obama administration and how the future of the West and its freedoms are significantly affected. It is of the author’s opinion that: President Obama’s policies of hope and change were a scam created to institute policies that intended to advance the interests of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, other Islamist organizations and states, and a future caliphate, that would eventually transition the United States and the West to a society dominated by Islam. Other analytic findings discussed by "Unexpected Treason," that are alleged by the author, include:

- How Obama became connected with major Middle Eastern powers at an early age, and how these powers maintained their control over Obama throughout his presidency.
- The philosophical, theological, and political influences that directed Obama’s political agenda are fully analyzed and linked to his executive branch policies.
- Benghazi attack details and events surrounding the death of Ambassador Stevens
- A major objective of Erdogan’s 2016 coup is revealed for the first time, and how it changed the balance of power in the Middle East.
- Hillary Clinton’s close ties to Islamists, along with details of Obama’s alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and other major radical Islamic powers are disclosed.

Biography: James McCormack graduated from an Ivy League college with honors (Phi Beta Kappa), and later obtained a doctorate at an Ivy League institution. "Unexpected Treason" was written over a two-year period, with the research on Obama initiated while he was a U.S. senator from Illinois. The author states that he has maintained the highest academic standards when compiling the quotes and facts used to advance various political arguments, which have been supported by over 320 footnotes.

Unexpected Treason is now available for sale on Amazon.com as paperback and eBook.

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James McCormack