B-TEC Systems Evaluates Infrared Pay-Back

B-TEC Systems reveals big time & energy savings by using their automotive short wave infrared paint curing / drying equipment.

B-TEC Systems Evaluates Infrared Pay-Back
Scottsdale, AZ, November 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- For over a year, B-TEC Systems has been evaluating the potential cost saving of using their short wave infrared automotive paint drying equipment. This means looking at both the time saving and energy saving aspects of using the equipment. One customer in the test program was Steve Farris, who has a body shop in Northern Arkansas. Farris had been using propane to fire up his booth. This was costing $20.25 per bake cycle. He utilized the B-TEC System 2 times a day on average, instead of using the booth for smaller jobs. The cost of running the B-TEC Systems infrared unit IR-B03 (see pictured) per bake cycle was only $0.10c per bake.

Based on a 5 day week / 50 week working year, that was 500 bake cycles.

At $20.25 per bake cycle using propane, that equated to $10,125 in yearly energy costs. Those same 500 jobs using the B-TEC Systems infrared unit cost only $50.00. That’s a saving of $10,075 per year. The time savings were also significant. The booth bake cycle took 1 hour with propane, which included warm up time. That’s 500 hours. The average B-TEC Systems infrared bake cycle was only 12 minutes, totaling just 100 hours for a savings of 400 hours.

Peter Phillipson, B-TEC Systems Technical Sales & Marketing Manager (IR) commented, “The evaluation produced some impressive results and while doing this, we produced paint curing data on the leading automotive brands. This way, the body shops could see exactly what the reduced dry times would be for their paint brand. The times were super quick, with one primer being ready to sand in only 6 minutes.”

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