PharmRx Group, LLC Announces the Release of Opal HealthDesk

PharmRx Group, LLC is pleased to announce the commercial release of Opal HealthDesk "A New Standard of Care."

Wayzata, MN, March 08, 2017 --( PharmRx Group, LLC is pleased to announce the commercial release of Opal HealthDesk a real-time data automation platform for healthcare providers. Opal was developed for medical facilities interested in optimizing revenues as well as improving operational efficiencies.

Mike Russin, CEO and Co-Founder of PharmRx Group states: “Healthcare organizations in Opal’s early-adopter program have already seen a 10-15% annual increase in billable revenues, as well as improved clinical efficiencies and increased patient satisfaction.”

One of the most critical pieces of information related to medical decisions has been missing from the doctor’s desktop – the specifics of insurance benefit eligibility coverage. Doctors can devise the most effective treatment plan for a patient but if it’s not covered by that patient’s policy, or if the copays are too expensive, then it’s not a viable option. Fortunately, PharmRx has solved this problem with the introduction of Opal HealthDesk.

Opal provides real-time connectivity to a combination of select networks, insurance companies and trading partners for patient specific eligibility, coverage and formulary information. Opal allows doctors to devise treatment options and immediately determine whether those options are covered or not, as well as what the patient’s out-of-pocket expenses will be. That means they can avoid options the patient can’t afford and focus on those they can. This provides immense and potentially life-saving benefits to patients, but also provides some unexpected benefits to doctors, clinics and hospitals as well.

Physicians who use Opal can gain several significant benefits. First, it can automate the process and eliminate the time delay in determining whether a specific treatment is covered for a specific patient. Second, it can guide the doctor to treatments that are covered and whose copays are reasonable thereby increasing the chances the patient will fully adhere to their treatment regimen. Third, it can display the full range of covered treatments, tests and pharmaceuticals allowing the doctor to treat all of a patient’s conditions as well as plan for ongoing therapies.

Hospitals utilizing Opal can immediately enjoy two major benefits. First, admission staff can quickly determine the extent of coverage for the anticipated procedures and cover any financial issues before patients are admitted. This can play a role in eliminating uncompensated care. Second, in-house medical staff can use the same coverage information as they make decisions regarding additional procedures arising during the hospital stay. Both hospitals and Management Services Organizations can financially benefit from Opal by encouraging their doctors to use its information in order to select effective treatment options that are compensated by insurance.

Opal accesses insurance information in real-time and its queries take less than a second. The information can be viewed through any web browser or through a custom interface designed to meet the needs of the physician. The information it provides includes:

· Automated, Real-Time Benefit Eligibility Checking, Prior Authorization, Pre-Certification, Providers, Insurance ID, Claims History, Status, Coverage, Registration, Out of Pocket Details, Limits, Costs

In addition, Opal provides the following pharmacy data:

· Pharmacy Claims, Drug History, Formulary Status, Insurance Eligibility & Benefits, Prior Authorization, Pre-certification, Out of Pocket Cost

Opal can also provide a patient’s complete history of medical claims from all healthcare providers, clinical summary’s and pharmacy claims dating back up-to 7 years. This detailed history often includes information missing from a doctor’s EMR and can significantly help the doctor understand the full range of a patient’s medical conditions.

Opal provides the critical information every patient needs: What’s this going to cost? Only Opal provides this information in real-time in the exam room where it’s a critical part of doctor/patient treatment discussions. It also provides the critical information every doctor needs: Will I be compensated for this procedure? This allows doctors and hospitals to make treatment decisions that will ensure, if not enhance, their revenue streams.

Opal is available immediately for implementation in all types of healthcare facilities including physician clinics and hospitals.

If you’re interested in more information about the product and who’s currently using it, please contact Mike Russin at 312-757-5447.

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