Allure Custom Automotive Unveils New Website

New Features Refreshed Design, Enhanced Content and Security.

Allure Custom Automotive Unveils New Website
Pennington, NJ, March 13, 2017 --( Allure Custom Automotive announced the launch of a new, revitalized version of its popular website, Key enhancements of the site include an aesthetically irresistible design that engages and elevates the overall customer experience. The site also features a more secure environment and state of the art technological enhancements to assist automotive admirers with locating the right automotive products to fit both their vehicle and personal style.

Allure Custom Automotive offers one of the largest selections of automotive aftermarket products including custom wheels (also known as custom rims), high-performance exhaust systems, intakes and ECU tuning upgrades for exotics and high-end sports cars; the e-retailer is also well-known for its expertise in performance suspension systems and sporty, aerodynamic body kits. Regardless of your vehicle type, Allure Custom Automotive has carefully selected suppliers who manufacture automotive products designed to enhance the appearance and maximize the performance of your vehicle. Allure Custom Automotive's vast inventory and easy-to-use online tools allow you to locate products that fit virtually any vehicle. Even more importantly, from novice to enthusiast, Allure Custom Automotive’s performance and product experts are available to assist you with the decision making process.

Hedges & Company has released a report which communicates that online sales for automotive products and accessories continues to grow significantly. In fact, Hedges & Company projects e-commerce auto parts sales to reach $8.89 billion in 2017, posting a 16% increase over 2016 with over $4 billion projected in online sales on mobile devices in 2017.

Remarkably, Allure Custom Automotive's inventory exceeds 20 million product options for more than 3,300 different vehicles, and they pride themselves with delivering one-stop shopping from a retailer that consumers can rely on. "We are enthusiastic and continuously motivated to offer the most desirable and exclusive automotive aftermarket products. We leverage the latest technology to deliver a more rewarding user experience," said Ann Fladger, Chief Operating Officer. "Allure Custom Automotive is not only a leader in keeping its finger on the pulse of the industry, products and technology, we are also a leader in our commitment to our customers. Our customers are confident in their style, with a unique attention to detail and aren’t afraid to defy the status quo. In order to rise to the expectations of this discerning demographic, we are also launching an upgraded mobile user experience, introducing payment options that include ApplePay and Amazon Pay. We are also proud recipients of McAfee’s Trustmark Certification, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring our website’s security."

Established in 2007, Allure Custom Automotive’s team is comprised of the most knowledgeable performance and product experts in the industry. A leading online boutique of automotive parts and accessories, Allure Custom Automotive is one of few retailers in the industry influenced by a female COO, further exemplifying the company’s commitment to forward thinking and diversity in a male-dominated industry. Product offerings include Custom Wheels, Rims, Tires, Performance Suspensions, Exhaust Systems and stylish Aerodynamic Body Kits. Staying true to their roots by delivering superb customer service, Allure Custom Automotive is passionate about the power of personal expression. Allure Custom Automotive’s mission is to encourage consumers around the world to utilize their automobiles as vehicles to express their individuality. Allure Custom Automotive offers a measurably safer website with the highest quality products on the market and simply the best expert customer service experience.

Based in Pennington, NJ; learn more about Allure Custom Automotive at:

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Allure Custom Automotive Unveils New Website

Allure Custom Automotive Unveils New Website

New Features Refreshed Design, Enhanced Content and Security