Meet One Small Family with a Really Big Idea to Help Make a Change in the World. This Florida Family is Kicking Off a 15-State Road Trip to Help 15 Charities as They Go.

A Tampa Bay area family is getting ready to hit the road on an adventurous journey. They will be living small, working hard and changing lives, one mile at a time. They will be driving up the East coast, traveling through 15 states, to work with a charity in every state. One goal of the trip is to not just help, but to share the stories of the people and places along the way. Using social media they will be able to take followers, from all over the world, along with them to share the experience.

Meet One Small Family with a Really Big Idea to Help Make a Change in the World. This Florida Family is Kicking Off a 15-State Road Trip to Help 15 Charities as They Go.
Tampa Bay, FL, April 03, 2017 --( Who are they?

Just a small family. A family that loves nature, road trips, the great outdoors and most importantly, helping people. Recently they have started to look for something more. Something bigger. A way that they could give a lot more back to as many people as possible.

They had an idea to take a vacation this summer, up the East coast and visit a few charities along the way, to help out in any way that they could. This eventually turned into an ambitious goal to work with 15 charities in 15 states, from Florida all the way up to Maine, providing a many hours of charity work between the 3 of them.

They are calling their adventure “Tripping For Charity.”

Their goal to help as many small charities along the way as they can. The focus is to help some of the smallest charities that need it the most. Animal shelters, food banks, community programs and homeless shelters are just a few of the types of charities that they family will be helping. They will be giving the charities three volunteer hands for a day, to help do whatever needs to be done and they are not at all the type who are afraid to sweat and get their hands dirty. Additionally, they want to be able to give a cash donation and some helpful exposure to the charities by telling their story, first hand, for them online and through other media. Hopefully, through this experience, the family can raise awareness for the charities that will help them long after they are gone.

The family plans on documenting the trip and sharing stories from the road and the different people and charities that they work with. You will be able to follow along with them through social media, photos, videos and online posts. In this way, you will get to experience the adventure with them and actually see who they are helping, plus hear their stories.

You get to be part of their experience.
Anyone can help by visiting their website or by simply spreading the word so they can get this show on the road. The family is also running a GoFundMe campaign that will help fund the trip (plus future trips) and raise donations to give to the charities that they visit. They also have really cool, custom shirts and bags available for small donations.

The facts are that there are over 1.5 million charities in the US (this does not count for those with an annual income of $25K or less), yet only about 25% of all people actually volunteer. Summertime is a lull outside of the “giving season” when a lot less people donate or volunteer. Over the summer will be a perfect time for to help, because it’s when charities need it the most.

As they get the trip agenda solidified, the family will encourage anyone, near any of the charities, to come out and add some additional help.

Why help just one charity when you can help this family help many?
If you are interested in helping or simply following them on their adventure, please visit the GoFundMe campaign or their website at the links below. They can't do this without you.

Thank you for being part of something big and helping change many lives.

See you on the road.
Tripping for Charity
Vinal Lang