SL Interphase Crowd Funds Its Dual Machine Smartphone Trinity on Indiegogo

SL Interphase is crowd-funding a new smartphone on Indiegogo that runs both Windows 10 (desktop edition) and Android on the same device simultaneously.

SL Interphase Crowd Funds Its Dual Machine Smartphone Trinity on Indiegogo
Chandler, AZ, April 19, 2017 --( SL Interphase's new smartphone "Trinity" is equipped with both and Intel x86 processor and an ARM processor allowing both operating systems to operate simultaneously. Trinity is an all-in-one Dual Machine Windows PC and Android smartphone which was created by SL Interphase.

Trinity is a first of its kind smartphone to bridge the gap between Windows based PCs and Android smartphones allowing the enterprise business user to carry only one device rather than both a laptop and a smartphone separately. Trinity has both an optional Intel Pentium N3710 processor and separate 128GB SSD for its Windows 10 OS and is compatible with standard Windows 10 applications. It also has an NXP iMX-6 Quad Core ARM processor with separate storage to run Android and is compatible with traditional Android apps. Both systems can be run simultaneously allowing the user to switch between the two, or put one system to sleep to extend battery life. Trinity also has multiple HDMI and USB ports. The dual HDMI ports allow dual monitor setup for extending either Android or Windows 10 to an external monitor for desktop use.

If funding is successful, SL Interphase will begin shipping smartphones by the end of the year.

For more information, See the Trinity landing page here:
SL Interphase
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