Continental Cut Stone Pulls Back the Curtain on Architectural Design in Limestone

An Institute of Architecture and Arts (ICAA) Event. A wide range of designers come together in Florence Texas to bring their creative minds to the forefront. A day packed with learning how their imagination is transformed into Limestone Architectural Elements for their clients is enhanced with a tour of Continental Cut Stone Limestone Fabrication Mill. The day ended with their itching, creative hands ready to tinker on limestone hosted by Texas Carved Stone and Bartlett Stone.

Continental Cut Stone Pulls Back the Curtain on Architectural Design in Limestone
Florence, TX, April 29, 2017 --( A 72” saw sings, pneumatic hammers ping, what better way to support the ICAA (Institute of Classical Architecture and Art) and earn 3 CEUs (required credits for design licensing and accreditation). The day in the life of the design community runs into the wall of deadlines, distractions and mind cramping design detail that weakens the creative spirit.

This past Sat., April 22nd, the ICAA gave remedy to this slow path to the doldrums for right brainers by offering a day to tickle their creative juices. 30+ attendees came from as far away as Illinois, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio to expand their knowledge base under the tutelage of 90 + years combined experience of stone fabrication, design and carving experts in the Limestone Production and Design business.

The day started with a tour at Continental Cut Stone in Florence Texas, a limestone fabrication mill. Rob Teel, President and Founder, presented “Concept to Delivery.” Key take a ways included a better understanding of the types of quarrying and how the different sizes of limestone block relates to scaling in the design, limestone applications, LEED point discussions, shop drawings and best practices with more cost effective cuts to expensive designs, etc. A mill tour followed with a full demonstration of cutting limestone blocks that were as big as a small car to form into architectural elements.

Next, a quick trip to Texas Carved Stone for a light lunch and hands on stone carving. Bob Ragan of Texas Carved Stone, Matthew Johnson of Bartlett Stone and Stuart Simpson of Austin Stone Carving were delighted to share their stone carver expertise as they watched over and guided the attendees. Casual discussions ranging from designing in stone to installing fireplace over mantles were heard throughout the day. Participants who wanted to try their hand at carving grabbed a pneumatic carving tool and cut out their way to their own designs in stone.

Thanks to Texas ICAA board, Austin Chapter Steering Committee, Bartlett Stone and Texas Carved Stone and Continental Cut Stone for “Pulling Back the Curtain on Limestone Architectural Design” and thanks to all those who took a Saturday to come out.
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