NapShacks Introduces the First Individual Enclosure Made Specifically for Airlines Gate Areas for Passengers to Sleep, Work or Watch TV; To Begin Sales in July 2017

NapShacks is a new product to help airlines with involuntary denied boardings giving travelers a place to rest and sleep during delays and cancellations. Gander Products and Services from Colorado plans to begin sales of their new product to Airlines in July 2017. The NapShacks is an 8x8 ft double enclosed mini hotel pod that air travelers can rent by the hour to sleep, watch TV or even work while waiting for their flight.

NapShacks Introduces the First Individual Enclosure Made Specifically for Airlines Gate Areas for Passengers to Sleep, Work or Watch TV; To Begin Sales in July 2017
Boulder, CO, June 14, 2017 --( NapShacks is the newest product to join the trend of providing airport passengers places to sleep while waiting for flights. The 8x8 foot enclosure manufactured by Gander Products and Services in Northern Colorado has a single or double bed, a built in HDTV Satellite Television with current flight information, wireless internet connection all to help the time to pass while waiting for their flights to depart. These new additions are designed to provide a nice, safe, quiet place for travelers to rest in today's hectic airports. It is unfortunate that airlines have been getting so much negative attention from social media recently due to the way some of airlines have been treating their passengers. Today's airlines are trying to run as close to 100% capacity to keep ticket prices down so that the demand for seats is at an all time high. This is causing the unfortunate situation of too many passengers with no seats left on flights which is exactly why products like NapShacks are needed in today's airports to help accommodate these unfortunate situations.

Gander Products and Services is willing to help airlines acquire these products as quickly as possible in all areas of their operations. These areas include financing, customizing, branding, software customization, marketing and expedited delivery schedules. According to Gander Products and Services, the purchase of these products could become another significant source of income for the airlines once installed in airports across the country.

Todd Wessels, President of Gander Products and Services, explains, "I had someone try to steal my shoes from me while I was sleeping right by my feet in an airport in Washington State. I could not believe it. I sat up and thought to myself why is there no place for people to safely rest in airports? I drew out my idea and it actually worked pretty well. Only had to make a few changes to the idea, but it was unique enough we decided to submit it for a patent based on the way we designed the two enclosure system reducing the airport noise. I worked for Delta Air Lines as a Customer Service Agent and have a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management as well and I see the real value for every airline that have to accommodate displaced and disgruntled passengers. The biggest problem I see with NapShacks and the airlines is that we are limited by how many we can produce. One big airline order might delay the other airlines from getting NapShacks for a couple years creating a monopoly due to the numbers that we can produce and supply."

The biggest benefit to passengers that decide to utilize NapShacks on the concourses of airports is they can stay by their gates instead of going to hotels off the airport, and will not have to re-screen at TSA security saving a lot of time and money. The estimated cost of travelers to use NapShacks is somewhere between $19 to $39 an hour depending on the market. Passengers that leave the airport for hotels spend anywhere from $275 to $500 in hotel costs, taxi's and time coming back to catch their flight. We have even contracted the cleaning services for the airlines and are using a disposable biodegradable sheet set and pillow cases to keep them clean and sanitary, factored in to the airlines' costs to operate our NapShacks.

Gander Products and Services is looking to build their NapShacks in either Boulder, Louisville or Meade, Colorado. They expect to produce 50 to 100 NapShacks in 2017, and over 300 in 2018. It is their estimate that they will employ approximately 30 to 50 employees by 2018 and possibly over a 100 by 2020.

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Todd Wessels