Real JetPacks to Fly in Silicon Valley

Redwood City PortFest Selected for First Northern California JetPack Flights on Oct 7.

Van Nuys, CA, October 03, 2017 --( The skies above the Port of Redwood City are about to host the first ever public JetPack flight in Northern California. JetPack Aviation, creator of the world's first personal turbine JetPack will be making three demonstration flights during PortFest, a free community celebration of the working and recreational waterfront, on Oct 7th.

The Van Nuys, CA company has already amazed audiences with iconic flights around New York's Statue of Liberty, across London's Royal Docks, over the Monaco Harbor, and along the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The Redwood City flight will give Venture Capitalists and the general public a chance to witness this disruptive flight technology up close and personal.

"The dream of personal flight has been around for centuries," said company co-founder Nelson Tyler. "From Icarus to Buck Rogers, humans have been trying to build a small, personal device that lets you soar through the air with absolute control and freedom. That's what our JB10 JetPack delivers."

The JB10 JetPack is the 20 year culmination of planning, engineering, and testing. Tyler, together with his partner, co-founder David Mayman and a team of futurist engineers have devoted countless hours of personal time and invested millions of their own dollars to create what other teams are still trying to achieve; disruptive flight technology for the 21st century.

"A competition was launched a few days ago by Boeing to design and demonstrate a personal micro VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft," explains Mayman. “We have already accomplished that in 2015. Versions of our JB10 JetPack can travel at speeds upwards of over 100mph and achieve an altitude of 10,000 feet. The unit is so small it can easily fit in the back of a standard SUV and runs on readily available common diesel fuel. Best of all, our JB10 JetPack performs with rock solid stability and is really easy to fly. Now, we are focusing on completing an advanced pilot safety system which will truly make JetPacks practical and suitable for safe flight over any terrain, be it land or water."

And the company is not standing still. JPA engineers are currently working on a whisper quiet, all electric JetPack. This model will deliver extended range VTOL flight in an eco-friendly manner.

JetPack Aviation will be making three demonstration flights during PortFest. Investors, technologists, and the general public are welcome. Admission is free.

JetPack flights are scheduled as follows (check local listings for changes):
October 7, 2017 at the City of Redwood port. 10:45am, 12:45pm, and 01:45pm
JetPack Aviation
Daniel Schwarzbaum