FDAImports.com and 3iVerify – A Winning Combination for FSMA Compliance

Collaboration between FDAImports.com and 3iVerify has resulted in FDAiVerify.com, where food importers can look for help with FDA's FSVP requirements. This alliance makes food safety and supply chain data securely available anywhere, any time to the people responsible for making and moving safe food in international markets. With the next key date for FSVP regulations being March 19, 2018, it is essential for all importing food companies to have an adequate and compliant FSVP program in place.

FDAImports.com and 3iVerify – A Winning Combination for FSMA Compliance
Baltimore, MD, February 03, 2018 --(PR.com)-- FDAImports.com has signed a Strategic Partner agreement with Primority Limited and is adopting Primority’s award-winning cloud-based and account-managed compliance solution, 3iVerify, to support FDAImports.com’s regulatory services and make it even easier for their clients to ensure compliance with FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) and other Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) supply chain requirements. This collaboration has resulted in FDAiVerify.com, where food importers can look to make the FSVP development, documentation and inspection process faster, more reliable, more accessible and more secure.

3iVerify is a secure, collaborative cloud-hosted food safety management system that allows users to automate, verify, update and manage all necessary food safety related information pertaining to their suppliers, whether foreign or domestic. 3iVerify enables food manufacturers, distributors and importers to verify and easily document compliance of their suppliers and purchasers while maintaining strict controls on the confidentiality of the product, ingredient, supplier and safety data. 3iVerify is a cloud-based program which integrates data from multiple sources to ensure a fully compliant food safety management system.

The alliance between FDAImports.com and Primority Limited brings together a leading legal and advisory firm specializing in FDA, USDA and Customs compliance & regulation and a specialist software and consulting services company with over 25 years’ experience in food safety management. This alliance enhances the interdisciplinary legal and regulatory compliance services provided by FDAImports.com by combining it with 3iVerify’s easy-to-use integrated cloud-based technology solution making food safety and supply chain data securely available anywhere, any time to the people responsible for making and moving safe food in international markets.

This alliance empowers FDAImports.com to offer its clients fully-managed regulatory and legal services in all U.S. requirements built around the framework of supplier and materials verification, ensuring clients are fully compliant with FSVP and FSMA. For those clients who have the in-house capacity to manage supplier and material approvals, 3iVerify can be provided as a stand-alone solution on a monthly subscription, fully supported by FDAImports.com and Primority.

On signing the agreement with Primority, Benjamin L England, Esq., Founder and CEO of FDAImports.com and Founding Partner of Benjamin L England and Associates, LLC said, “FDAImports.com has spent a lot of time working with domestic and foreign clients to develop tailor made supply chain solutions that ensure compliance with the myriad of U.S. requirements governing their highly-regulated goods. With Primority’s 3iVerify solution we believe we finally have a robust and reliable framework that is adequately adaptive to enable our clients to more easily ensure they have a true green light prior to engaging suppliers for finished and raw materials and, importantly, before shipping. This will justify much greater confidence that our clients’ FSMA supplier verification and FSVP systems are compliant while they drive down needless costs due to regulatory interference during the importation process. That’s a win-win.”

James Flynn, Founder and CTO of Primority Limited added, “Primority are delighted to be partnering with FDAImports.com and believe this alliance will add significant value for both parties, but more importantly, our customers. 3iVerify has been developed by our food safety experts who really understand the needs of food producers and food importers in meeting the standards of SQF, BRC, IFS and GFSI. Coupling this experience with the expertise of FDAImports.com in all aspects of FDA compliance and regulation ensures that our clients need have no worries in meeting the food safety and compliance requirements of FSVP and FSMA.”

About Primority
Primority Limited are a Food Safety Management software and consulting company based in Scotland, UK with a US office in San Bernadino, California. 3iVerify is Primority’s food safety management and compliance portal, developed by our food safety experts with over 25 years industry experience. Primority’s goal is to create partnerships that deliver value through combining food safety and regulatory compliance expertise with cutting edge technology.

About FDAImports.com
FDAImports.com and its sister law firm, Benjamin L. England & Associates LLC, assist members of highly regulated industries with their pre- and post-market needs, including compliance with FDA and Customs regulations. Our combined expertise in FDA regulation and international business law has enabled companies around the world to successfully do business in the U.S.
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FDAiVerify.com and FSVP Compliance

FDAiVerify.com and FSVP Compliance

Food Importers can learn how FDAiVerify.com (powered by 3iVerify) gives you confidence in your FSVP compliance.