Competitive Advantage Introduces Long UV Life Permanent Marker

Use MPDX industrial paint pens for permanent marks on a wide variety of materials including rubber, metal plastics, wood, and masonary. MPDX paint pens are available in fine, medium and bold tips.

Competitive Advantage Introduces Long UV Life Permanent Marker
Los Angeles, CA, June 05, 2018 --( MPDX paint pens are designed for industrial outdoor use. The Xylene based markers dry in 30 seconds or less in temperatures down to -40 deg F.

The pigment used in MPDX paint pens is a flexible rubberized pigment making them ideal for marking rubber hoses, rubber sheeting or cast rubber parts. The rubberized paint system bonds very well to most rubber hoses and parts including neoprene and epdm. The rubberized pigments have a minimum outdoor UV resistance life of 20 years, exceeding other permanent markers.

Other applications include making permanent marks on wet or oily metal parts. The xylene base acts as a cleaner/primer allow the paint to bond to nearly any surface. Ideal applications includes oily metal parts in metal fabrication, structural steel and automotive parts.

MPDX paint pens can be purchased online at the link below or by calling 888.906.9370.
Competitive Advantage
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