Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Recognizes New Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Recognizes New Members
Farmingdale, NY, January 18, 2019 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to recognize their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Albert J. Heard--Transportation
Brandon S. Washington--Marketing
James O. Nelson Jr.--HVAC
Jimmy E. Wood--Dog Breeding
Dennis V. Blehm--Agriculture
Gabrielle R. Fox--Cleaning
Johnny E. Corlew--Fireworks
David C. Oakley--Automotive
Jarnell H. Porter--Real Estate
Linda J. Allen--Education
Mary E. Bandle--Retail
Donna Phillips--Coaching
Elizabeth Marie Middlebrooks--Healthcare
Yasmin N. Barker--Social Services
Victoria Nicole Brown--Beauty
Robert E. Whiting, Jr.--Information Technology
Jay L. Covell--Contractor
Amanda M. Denson--Pharmaceutical Consulting
Christopher Michael Bailey-Sonnier--Transportation
Kim A. Embree--Healthcare
Charlyn B. Stahl--Education
Ashley D. Murray--Education
Joseph A. Huber--Government/Military
Carlos L. Figueras--Automotive Rental
Sharon E. Smathers--Education
Dewey C. Raymond--Publishing
John V. Woodard Jr.--Retail
Wanda D. Battle-Frazier--Retail
Sharonne D. Simmons--Education
Dwight W. Fobbs--Sports
Peterson Francois--Education
Indranil Chakravarty--Oil and Gas
Lauri L. Burns--Healthcare
Bethany L. Strunk--Architecture
Ali Kasraeian--Healthcare
Mark R. Specketer--Geologic Consulting
Angel N. Maynez--Landscaping
Paul A. Floramo--Home Remodeling
Marianne Mauro--Dentistry
Jonathan Dekker--Financial
Jim Elliott--Power
James S. Rahal--Finance
Connie E. Gross--Healthcare
. Trimble--Construction
David M. Hale--Telecommunications
Babatunde Oke--Publishing
Karen A. Dickson--Financial
Lindsay E. Dancker--Author
Michael A. White--Transportation
Kaitlin S. Stenger--Education
Collette M. Saez--Healthcare
Amanda Thompson--Healthcare
Michael J. Morning--Security
Philip N. Melcheck--Consulting
Becky L. Berry--Education
Barbara A. Gant-Johnson--Education
Harold P. Wilen--Sports
Lynda S. Wheatley--Healthcare
Brandon Callor--Government/Morgue
Desiree G. Coats--Healthcare
Jayne A. Fry--Nonprofit
Kacy Pleasants--Health and Wellness
Ted Allen Weaver--Cabinetry
Linda H. Laws--Healthcare
Brittany E. Blair--Publishing
Tami L. Weaver--Marketing
Marvel Lawson Sr.--Home Improvement
Grace T. Wyman--Education
Jacqueline A. Salmon Warren--Human Services
Henry Clay Ferebee IV--Construction
Bobbie L. Belle--Entertainment
Juan Montoyasoto--Processing Equipment
Rocky Rajinder Khanna--Healthcare
Jeremy L. Houghton--Security
Bettina Kotrich--Legal
Andrea J. Chavez--Healthcare
Pamela S. Smithson--Education
Derrick Johnson--Solar Energy
Lawrence R. Caldwell--Telecommunications/Energy
Dori DeCarlo--Bags
Ndubuisi Onwukwe--Wellness Products
Don Cross--Retail/Jewelry
Tytianna S. Gray--Beauty
Robert A. Schwehr--Government/Religion
Vincent J. Glorioso--Healthcare
Yamir Lopez--Pharmaceuticals
Dan Galietto--Insurance
Alaa Hussein Al-Kazzaz--Engineering/Legal
Shon Clemons--Government
Joi Luckadoo-Villa--Real Estate
Sandra G. Harrison--Transportation
Melissa B. Matthews--Construction
Rosetta Davis Furtch--Education
John A. McGinnis--Military Support Service
J. Matthew Crawford--Industrial Equipment
Felix N. Bongjoh--Educational Consulting
Carla D. Dukes--Education
Teresa D. Walling--Healthcare
Lyubov A. Russell--Healthcare
Linda A. Kotzea--Education
Barbara A. Wolfe--Education
Mark A. McDaniel--Energy
Sean T. McGuckin--Author
Stacey A. Keyton--Insurance
Leilani L. Birkmire--Sorting Technology
Chandra K. Taneja--Consulting
Despina Kapanidis--Restaurant
Eric Semeko--Healthcare
Diann Wilson--Legal Services
John C. Gabris--E-Commerce
Mary Ann Fenner Medema--Legal
Anja-Leena Pyykko--Healthcare
Josefina L. Javier--Education
Brian J. Hanuska--Software Engineering
Anita Marie Fridy--Accounting
Brett W. Thetford--Healthcare
Moira McKell--Healthcare
Tonya L. Baker--Drug and Alcohol Testing
Cheryl Van Dyke--Financial
Cassandra D. Fuzzell--Electronics
Cheryl A. Barton--Education
Tara M. Mooneyham--Food
Sheri S. Levy--Author
Katrina Gadsby--Education
Dona J. Burton--Government
Brenda B. Noel--Government Healthcare
Mauricio Trujillo--Healthcare
Cheronne A. Walker--Healthcare
Ruby Johnson--Government Healthcare
Tichina S. Haywood--Healthcare
Mark E. Schmidt--Retail
William L. Lorsung--Furniture
Tami S. Lansing--Medical
Richard Heftel--Broadcasting
Guadalupe Q. Cantu--Finance
Chris A. Rodgers--Construction
Kadisha B. Rapp--Healthcare
Sam Cauthron--Pipeline Construction
Kate J. Adams--Construction
Serojnie Molly Sookhoo--HVAC
Olive A. Swan--Consulting
Gary R. Stein--Food
Toni I. Koroma--Healthcare

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