Luminit LLC Announces Joint Venture with RiT Display for Next-Gen Automotive Optics

Taiwan-based Luminit Automotive Technologies will develop and manufacture optical solutions for automotive taillights and next-generation light sources for LiDAR and HUD applications.

Luminit LLC Announces Joint Venture with RiT Display for Next-Gen Automotive Optics
Torrance, CA, January 24, 2019 --( Luminit LLC, a privately-held high technology company specializing in thin-film optics, will embark on a joint venture with RiT Display, a Ritek Group Company, to provide lighting and driver assistance solutions for US-, Europe- and Asia-based automakers. The newly-formed JV, Luminit Automotive Technologies (LAT), will develop and produce curved injection molded diffusers for automotive taillights, as well as diffusers for LiDAR and HUD applications.

“Luminit is a leader in microstructure mastering and the Ritek team are experts in the field of microstructure fabrication,” notes Luminit Automotive Technology’s President and CEO, Stanley Kao. “Combining both areas of expertise with the global logistics that Ritek will make LAT a major player in automotive lighting and driver assistance technologies.”

According to Kao, the joint venture is the result of years of collaboration between RiT Displays and Luminit Light Shaping Diffuser technologies. RiT Display’s advanced optical manufacturing facilities will produce Luminit’s proprietary Curved Injection Molding (CIM) process, a 2.5D and 3D injection molded Light Shaping Diffuser with superior transmission efficiency for smooth, bright and homogenized LED taillights. Luminit diffusers are currently designed into several automotive taillights and are gaining popularity with designers and engineers who prefer the highly efficient properties of surface relief diffusion over standard bulk diffusion.

Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffusers also enable HUD Tier 1 manufacturers in the automotive market to produce sharp and bright image-based TFT and projector-based units and allow designers to customize the field of view of the display and de-speckle images for laser-based systems. Light Shaping Diffusers for LiDAR beam shaping provide high quality homogenized light or custom light profiles with 92% transmission efficiency and controlled extreme elliptical beam angle divergence as well as laser speckle reduction.

Based in Taiwan, RiT Display Corporation is a subsidiary of Ritek Group, pioneers in optical fabrication and nanotechnology with global facilities worldwide. RiT Display will be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2019.

Leveraging RiT Display’s global manufacturing and warehouse facilities, Luminit Automotive Technologies (LAT) will develop next-generation light sources for automotive lamps, LiDAR and HUD. “Luminit has unique diffusion technology,” concludes Kao, “and this joint venture allows us to design and mass produce parts for the automotive market on a global scale.”

About Luminit
Luminit is a privately held, high technology company specializing in custom and standard holographic diffusers based on multiple technology patents. Luminit’s commercial experience covers applications including LED lighting, architectural lighting, bio-medical illumination, semiconductor metrology, aerospace, automotive, laser and display applications. Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffusers (LSDs®) are available directly or through a network of domestic and international distributors.

About RiT Display Corporation
RiT Displays is a subsidiary of Ritek Group. Established in 1988, Ritek Corporation is a global leader in storage media, nano-technology, and OLED displays with decades of experience and expertise on micro structure fabrication. Ritek has offices in seven countries, employs over 6000 people and is a publicly traded company.
Mary Ann Giorgio