Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Recognized New Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Recognized New Members
Farmingdale, NY, March 05, 2019 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to recognize their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Flor M. Rohr--Education
Adrian Gordon--Nonprofit
April M. Booth--Retail
Stephen C. Freeman--Entertainment
Melinda B. Jones--Healthcare
Luis Robles Figueroa--Healthcare
Bernard V. Jones--Healthcare
Thomas Bernini--Painting
Samuel A. Landrum--Fireproofing Service
Frank S. Luke--Education
Kefu S. Aiken--Government Healthcare
Cheryl L. Hagen--Healthcare
Sidney Secular--Marketing
Patrick J. Burke--Government
Laura G. Romero--Healthcare
Loreal M. Frye--Healthcare
Ronda J. Miller--Cosmetology
Stacey Lee Dieken--Massage
Dan Corner--Religion
Rick V. Dellingner--Aerospace Parts
Peter A. Hamilton--Construction
Martina M. Schmitt--Real Estate
Rick L. Hedrick--Retail
Dawnde L. Enochs--Healthcare
Kelly Galloway--Healthcare
Larry Laker--Real Estate
Charles E. Whitaker--Consulting
Joseph Moreland--Demolition Services
Peter T. Honigmann--Government/Law Enforcement
Elias Maldonado--Restoration Service
Sharon M. Weekes--Insurance
Pamela S. Hayes--Real Estate
Sarah D. Bradley--Nonprofit
Scott Alexander--Construction
Karen Cosby-Smith--Government
Tara Carter--Religion
Mark T. Young--Paving
David L. Feise--Transportation/Traffic Control Services
Drummond T. McCunn--Legal
Chip Hines--Financial
Akila Ramprasad--Insurance
Scott R. Jahnke--Healthcare
Donna L. Slagle--Beauty
Chris M. McClain--Electric
Marshrief N. Shead-Mays--Healthcare
Ray Barnes--Hospitality
Jason D. Manley--Healthcare
Kenneth R. Milks--Retail/Electronics
Jeffrey N. Weeks--Travel
Eldon R. Matlick--Education
Rob G. Willoughby--Construction
Helen H. Chong--Real Estate
Barbara Corn--Veterinary
David W. Seevers--Engineering
Myron Davis--Security Service
Sherri S. Thompson--Tax
John W. Carnes--HVAC
Felicia Y. Hayes--Healthcare
Les C. Teal--Entertainment
Lloyd A. Quinn--Consulting
Helen M. Meza--Retail
Arisia Ward--Life Coaching
Sonya G. Moore--Healthcare
Laura S. Mooney--Healthcare
Mike Busby--Energy
Alex Miller--Financial
David M. Schwartz--Entertainment
Charleen Alexander--Cleaning
Janice P. Loftin--Education
David Latiolais--Packaging
Steven Miller--Laboratory
Samantha C. Dozier--Healthcare
Dannetta C. Chandler--Community Service
James R. Sick--Hospitality
Doug P. Barrios--Construction
Ron T. Schorr--Automotive
Orlando Castro--Real Estate
Melissa Burnett--Healthcare
Ronald T. Bland--Construction
Nicole M. Bateau--Healthcare
Julie Khunpasee-Brown--Medical
Jennifer B. Thomas--Construction/Renovation
Jonathan R. Andrewjeski--Livestock
Howard S. Herrington--Real Estate
Larry R. Fuller--Hospitality
Aldwyn D. Sappleton--Government
Tammy L. Tallis-Crowner--Education
Frank W. Sims Jr.--Oil and Gas
Jessica L. Vercimak--Food
Thomas J. May--Construction
Kirsten A. Hamilton--Financial
Gladys L. Smedley--Healthcare
Jason M. Chang--Retail/Automotive
Kurt N. Smolek--Inventing
Fay F. Mancebo-Maturan--Medical
Barbara Stanton--Publishing
Harriet D. Porton--Education
Doris Ann Graham--Education
Robert B. Rooper--Automotive
Eric B. McBeth--Nonprofit
Sarah J. Dixon--Education
Ahmed Onsi--Software
Esam Hussein--Healthcare
Kenneth J. Worthington Sr.--Construction
Adam T. Rowland--Funeral Home
Dorry A. Lloyd--Interior Design
Ken Esrig--Healthcare
Jessica M. Musselman--Cosmetology
Clifton W. Catron--Landscaping/Marine Construction
Cynthia E. Gropper--Healthcare
John A. Barnett--Architecture
John Q. Vaughan--Legal
Abel J. Nkugwa--Graphic Design
Albert T. Brownlee--Nonprofit
Danny L. Farley--Religion
Gregory L. Dudley--Government/Military
Jeanetta K. Thornbury--Cosmetology Education
William E. Anderson--Construction
Lindsay J. Thomas--Retail/Pharmacy
Danny Nicodemus--Agriculture
James E. Ashby--Aerospace and Defense Contracting
Lucy P. McNally--Florist/Event Planning
Felix Olajide Ogunduyilemi--Nonprofit
Chuck E. Randle--Travel
David R. Gomez--Energy
Nicole L. Walker--Massage Therapy
Wayne J. Ryan--Software
Jason M. Corley--Education
Samuel Ford--Healthcare Staffing
Phillip A. Hall--Education
James Gimbernat Walker--Medical Devices
Mahmoud S. Alsadeh--Accounting
Casey L. Reed--Construction
Paul A. Mazzuca--Government/Law Enforcement
Judi D. Warren--Government Healthcare
Edward A. Tanaka Jr.--Entertainment
Ree Ann Dickinson--Cleaning
Rebecca Czekalski--Healthcare
Djuan Williams--Safety Consulting
Droo A. D'Anna--Entertainment
Willie Dewitt Langford--Fire Suppression Service
Anna Pascarella--Education
Robert A. Beasley--Agriculture
Ted Barth--Metal
Lori L. Buckley--Healthcare
Tracy Nichols--Education
Joseph J. McKeon--Construction
Colin C. Corbin--Transportation
Gregory P. Benton--Appliance Repair Service
Kelly A. Kaari--Energy
Eddie Mae Barnes--Healthcare
Scott A. Williams--Food
Jack Feng--Automotive

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