Two-Day "DNA Accredited" Financial Advisor Training Promises Wealth Management Edge

Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International helps early adopters of behavioral insights platform take their practices to the next level through two-day workshop culminating in DNA Accredited Advisor certification.

Atlanta, GA, January 31, 2019 --( Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International is hosting DNA Accredited Financial Advisor Training for two days, Feb. 12-13, in Atlanta. The comprehensive workshop is for financial advisors and wealth managers already familiar with the Financial DNA Discovery Processes, which advisors use to learn the communication styles, financial habits, behavioral biases and risk profiles of clients.

“'Financial DNA' provides real-time behavioral insights that enable customized delivery of meaningful advisor and client experiences, with improved outcomes on both sides of the relationship,” says Hugh Massie, CEO of DNA Behavior International. “The workshop builds on the foundation of Financial DNA-savvy advisors, helping them become what we call Human Performance Accelerators, learning unique financial personality insights to further help clients achieve greater self-empowerment – and wealth accumulation.”

According to Massie, the six pillars of DNA Financial Planning Performance will be explored in-depth using the company’s proprietary behavioral insights tech platform. He expects advisors to then be able to not only deliver better client outcomes, but also be able to increase profitability on a sustainable basis.

Attendees can choose to take just the Day One Financial Personality Management Training Class, addressing Natural (inherent) Behavior and How to Deploy the Financial DNA Discovery Process to meet the behavioral challenges of every client on their own unique terms. The practical and experiential training program includes:

- (Advisors) discovering their own strengths and struggles;
- Learning how to use behavioral insights in relating to different clients more effectively; and
- Identifying ideal clients and keeping them engaged.

Those opting to include Day Two – for which Day One is a prerequisite –
will be part of the Financial DNA Advisor Training Class, covering Natural Behavior, Learned Behavior and Additional Behavioral Finance Insights. In addition to Day One offerings, the second-day training includes:

- Techniques for improving client meeting facilitation with powerful questions across multiple communications channels; and
- Building behaviorally smart portfolios which align client risk-taking, decision biases, goals, and financial capacity.

Those completing both days of the training will receive DNA Accredited Financial Advisor certification.

Complete information and registration for DNA Accredited Financial Advisor Training, including location information (Dunwoody - North Atlanta) can be found at the registration link.

Who should attend? Financial advisors, wealth managers and others who want to master validated behavioral insights that accelerate the results achieved by both advisors and their clients.

Founded in 2001, DNA Behavior ( delivers practical, real-time, scalable behavioral insights to accelerate human performance in over 123 countries through 11 languages. In addition to its Financial DNA (, the company’s 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes include Communication DNA (www. and Business DNA (

Financial DNA offers:
- Unparalleled depth and reliability of psychometric validation for 64 core natural behavior traits to identify a client’s unique financial personality;
- Separate measurement of a client’s communication style, spending and goal-setting behaviors, risk profile and behavioral biases;
- Unique process for matching advisors, clients, and solutions using our extensive behavioral finance data;
- Comprehensive wealth mentoring system to help advisors guide their clients in making life and financial decisions; and
- Digital solutions for practical and scalable delivery across a firm’s whole client base.
DNA Behavior International
Drew Plant