SmokinZZ's Beef Jerky Now Produces Super Fresh Beef Jerky for the USA

Smokinzz's Beef Jerky is now being sold on the U.S. mainland. Flavors are: Citrus Hickory-Spicy Hot-Cracked Black Pepper-Smoked Maple Hickory. Smokinzz's ships fresh and direct to customers daily. Consumers can now buy fresh beef jerky instead of buying 3 month to 5 month old beef jerky at the stores. Excellent Prices, Fantastic Flavor and Quality - No Artificial flavors or fillers. Smokinzz's features all Natural, USDA Choice Beef from the USA.

Los Angeles, CA, February 27, 2019 --( Smokinzz's Premium Beef Jerky is now available on the U.S. Mainland.

Smokinzz's beef jerky is becoming a favorite of people everywhere. Started in 2013 on the Island of Saipan, which is located in The Northern Mariana Islands, Smokinzz's quickly became an Island favorite. Now, Smokinzz's is available online from Oregon.

Smokinzz's has no artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, fillers or corn - wheat gluten. Smokinzz's is made fresh daily and shipped immediately to customers. This direct shipping feature results in customers getting their beef jerky within 8 days of being made, not the usual 3 to 5 months from the retail stores or outlets.

Smokinzz's also costs less than the national brands. Taste and experience the freshest and best beef jerky available anywhere, go to the company website at for more information.
Smokinzz's Beef Jerky
Courtney Zietzke