Molecular Glasses, Inc. Receives U.S. Patent for Non-Crystallizable Sensitized Layers for OLEDs

Molecular Glasses, Inc. Receives U.S. Patent for Non-Crystallizable Sensitized Layers for OLEDs
Rochester, NY, February 27, 2019 --( The U.S. Patent Office has awarded patent number 10,211,409 to Molecular Glasses, Inc. for “Noncrystallizable Sensitized Layers for OLEDs and OEDs.”

The patent abstract reads: “Various embodiments of the present invention provide for light emitting devices comprising a light emitting layer comprising an electroluminescent organic material dispersed in a matrix, wherein the electroluminescent organic material has a molecular weight less than about 2000 amu, the matrix comprises a non-electroluminescent-nonpolymeric amorphous glass mixture, and each of the non-electroluminescent-nonpolymeric organic molecular glass mixture and the electroluminescent organic material constitutes at least 20 percent by weight of the light emitting layer; and electrodes in electrical communication with the light emitting layer and configured to conduct an electric charge through the light emitting layer such that the light emitting layer emits light.”

According to Mike Molaire, Molecular Glasses’ CEO and Founder, “This patent is our second relating to non-crystallizable organic semiconductors.

“The intellectual property covers OLED device using non-electroluminescent nonpolymeric amorphous glass mixture, including glass mixtures containing at least ten (10), fifteen (15), forty (40), or sixty four (64) nonpolymeric, thermoplastic compounds.

“We are building a strong patent portfolio,” says Molaire. “This patent allows 18 claims, including organic light emitting diodes using phosphorescent, fluorescent and TADF emitting layers.” Molecular Glasses has an additional 23 U.S. and international patents pending.

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Molecular Glasses, Inc. is a supplier of patented materials to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) for use in displays (cell phones and tablets for example, and specialty lighting). Molecular Glasses is positioned to transform OLED applications across large and small scale displays, automotive electronics, lighting, and more, disrupting a market segment estimated to reach $4 billion by 2020.

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