Christina DiArcangelo Puller Has Been Named a Top 100 Entrepreneur and Will be Featured in the 2019 Top 100 Registry

Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO & Founder of Affinity Bio Partners has been selected to the Top 100 Registry Business Leaders and Professionals, in recognition of her work in the Global Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Cannabis and CBD industries.

Spring Cay, PA, February 28, 2019 --( Top 100 Registry is pleased to have selected, Christina DiArcangelo Puller, Women Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder to the Top 100 Registry Business Leaders and Professionals. Christina has been selected due to all of the countless years that she has worked in the Global Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Cannabis and CBD industries. Christina’s professional work has made a difference in many patients’ lives. Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO and Founder of Affinity Bio Partners, CEO, Board President of Affinity Patient Advocacy and CEO and Co-Founder of AI Health Outcomes, has forged a world-class reputation in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry for the past 20-years. Her engagements have led to numerous industry awards, keynote speaking engagements, multitude of global clinical trials as well as working on several drugs that have received FDA approval and the ultimate respect of her industry peers.

Throughout the course of Christina's career, she has acted in various capacities for Global Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies and Biotechnology Companies. Christina's professional success and drive has been facilitated by her unwavering strength as a contracts negotiator, visionary entrepreneur, skilled clinical research operations expert and her ability to successfully navigate the pharmaceutical industry with unparalleled success. "My strong work ethic, coupled with my motivation, drive to keep learning, growing and pushing the limits: have helped me reach many of my professional goals. With my vast wealth of biotech and pharmaceutical industry, I am supremely equipped to assist Medical Cannabis and CBD clients not only reaching but surpass their development goals through running safe, efficient, highly effective, patient focused clinical trials, while building a stronger awareness and providing education within the industry. With the CannaBot™, we will be able to affect change in the ever-evolving Medical Cannabis and CBD Industry with the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. It is imperative that patients have access to reliable information. I believe that every patient should have the support necessary as many of them have unmet medical needs. Additionally, with Affinity Patient Advocacy we can advocate and provide Medical Cannabis and CBD patients with the information that they need to feel empowered. I am been honored to have testified on behalf of Medical Cannabis patients for decriminalization legislature. My personal and professional focus is always on helping patients. All of these companies TRULY help patients. At the end of the day, therefore all of us should be in the Medical Cannabis/CBD industry," said Christina DiArcangelo Puller.

Affinity Bio Partners is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides best in class services while maintaining a personal approach. There are many CROs in the market, but there is only one that will give our client’s organization the attention, services and results. For more information on the company or general inquiries, please email: or visit us at Follow us on twitter at AffinityBioP, Facebook at AffinityBioGroup, LinkedIn and Instagram at affinitybiopartners. AI Health Outcomes is an artificial intelligence technology company that has developed the first AI Bots; CannaBot™, DrBot™, a Learning Management System and an AI Patient Recruitment tool to assist with clinical research enrollment. For more information, please email: or visit us at, Facebook at CannaBot, Twitter at BotCanna, Linkedin and Instagram at cannabot. Affinity Patient Advocacy is a non-profit which strives to provide families with independent, high-quality professional health management services, social services and wellness services. Serious illnesses can be very overwhelming. Affinity Patient Advocacy will manage the process and help patients and their families focus on the most important aspect of their treatment, getting better.

For more information, please email: or visit us at, Facebook at Affinity Patient Advocacy, Twitter at AdvocAffinity, LinkedIn and Instagram at advocacypatient.
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