Statement from Mocha OB on Black Maternal Health Week and the Recommendations for Black Women Health Initiatives

Black women are dying in childbirth at a rate 4 times greater than any other ethnicity. OBGYNs are on the front lines of the fight to turn this statistic around. Mocha OB believe that a team effort is needed to turn the tide towards well-being.

Orlando, FL, April 17, 2019 --( Mocha OB, a group comprised of over 500 female OB/GYNs, OB trained Family Practice Physicians and Cardiologists of color have issued the following statement today during Black Maternal Health week:

“As women of color, we are acutely aware of the crisis facing black women in pregnancy. Black women are dying in childbirth at a rate 4 times greater than any other ethnicity. As OBGYNs, we are on the front lines of the fight to turn this statistic around. Every day we work tirelessly to save the lives of pregnant women whose voices are not heard and whose lives are not valued. The systems that are currently in place do not adequately address the needs of the women in the black community to allow them to fully partner in their health and improve their outcomes. Not only are we physician providers, we have been patients with first-hand experience in existing barriers to our wellness. Until now, our input as black female physicians has not been included in any of the discussions to address this healthcare crisis.

"We are of the collective opinion that a team effort is needed to turn the tide towards well-being.

"T- Timeliness - We believe that early access to healthcare to optimize health prior to pregnancy is critical. It is necessary that states provide Medicaid expansion and healthcare facilities in rural and urban communities to diagnose and treat diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune disease and obesity before pregnancy occurs. This access will ensure our mothers are in the best shape possible to handle the physical demands of childbirth.

"E- Education and Engagement - Educating our colleagues and ancillary staff in healthcare on the potential of implicit bias to cloud judgement and delay life-saving care. Taking the time to teach our patients ensuring understanding of the principles behind our testing, decision making and interventions. Engaging churches, civic organizations and non-OB physicians to partner with us in a way that fosters trust in the medical community

"A- Advocacy - Encourage patients to have Advocates who ask the important questions during their prenatal visits and support patients during and after birth. Encourage doula care.

"M- Mentorship - Mentoring and increasing the number of midwives, doulas and physicians of color so that patients have access to more providers with like-minded and similar cultural perspectives.

"We are committed to initiating efforts to work with state and national agencies, professional organizations and governing bodies to effect a change. We will remain visible and engaged as we continue our work delivering babies and attending to our mothers in the best way we know how."

Devoted to Women’s Health,

Donna Adams-Pickett PhD MD, Augusta, GA
Dr. Sanlare C. Gordon, DO FACOOG, Easton, MD
Kerry-Ann Kelly, MD, MPH FACOG, Oakland, CA
Jeannine Mauney, MD
Jacquin A. Coombs, MD, FACOG, Pearland, TX
Shayla Nesbitt, MD
Jeannine Mauney, MD FACOG, Jacksonville, FL
Ann Schutt-Aine, MD FACOG, Houston, TX
Dr. Monique Jones, MD, FACOG Hazel Crest, IL
Demequa LeGail Moore, MD FACOG,Fort Worth, Texas
Kamilah Dixon-Shambley MD, MA FACOG Peoria, IL
Angelica Garrett Wood, MD, Nashville, TN
Hyacinth L. Norris, MD Philadelphia, PA
Christine Simone Armstrong, MD, Dearborn, MI
Quinisha Logan, MD, FACOG Corinth, MS
Shariska S. Petersen, MD, Kansas City, KS
Myrlene Jeudy MD, Richmond, Virginia
Linda Burke-Galloway, MD, MS, FACOG, Orlando, FL
Semuteh D Rogers, MD FACOG, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Briana Wellington, MD, FACOG, Las Cruces, NM
Carmen V. Brown, MD, FACOG, FRANZCOG, Melbourne, Australia
Tamara Magloire, MD FACOG, Jamaica, NY
Veronica Maria Pimentel, MD, MS, FACOG, Hartford, CT
LaToya R. Walker, MD, FACOG, FACS, Baton Rouge, LA
Kamaria C. Cayton Vaught, MD FACOG, Baltimore, MD
Potacia W. Francis, MD, FACOG, Harrisburg, PA
Taalibah A. Ahmed, MD, FACOG, Miami, FL
Tamyra Comeaux, MD, FACOG, Houston, TX
Monica Washington, MD, FACOG, Richmond, VA
Evelyn A. Reynolds, MD, Atlanta, Georgia
Milicent P Triche MD, MPH FACOG, Houston, TX
Kimberlee Coleman Henderson, MD, FACOG, Round Rock, TX
Patricia P. Jeudin MD, FACOG, Miami, FL
Melani Sanders MD, FACOG, Stockbridge, GA
Edom Yared, MD FACOG, Silver Spring, MD
Fatu Forna, MD, MPH, FACOG, Duluth, Georgia
Chim My Chimsom T. Oleka, MD, FACOG, Houston, TX
Cindy M. Duke, MD
Gyasi Askia, DO FACOOG, Stockton, CA
Amanda Stewart, MD, FACOG, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Jamaica, NY
Bernice Adu-Amankwa MD, FACOG, Cliffside Park, NJ
Holda Gueye MD MPH FACOG Columbia, MD
Kania McGhee, MD, FACOG, Grand Rapids, MI
Patrice Walker, MD FACOG, Macon, GA
Heather L. Miller, MD FACOG, St. Paul, MN
Joanne Sweeney, MD FACOG, Jonesboro, GA
Andrea Jeffress, MD, FACOG, Erie, PA
Ericka Stone MD FACOG, Baton Rouge LA
LaNasha Tanner MD FACOG, New Orleans, LA
April Adams MD, Washington, DC
Dana M. Smith, MD FACOG, Bethesda, MD
Naa Sackey, MD FACOG, Houston, TX
Vonne Jones MD FACOG, Houston, TX
Jessica White Videa DO, FACOG, Margate, FL
Yashika Dooley, MD, FACOG, San Antonio, TX
Sherita Gaskins MD, FACOG, Severn, MD
Chinelo Echeazu, MD, FACOG, Decatur, IL
Jade D James, MD, MPH. St Louis, MO
ps Kameelah Phillips, MD FACOG, New York, New York
Ciera C. Butts, MD, Rochester, NY
Torie Comeaux Plowden, MD, MPH, FACOG, Fayetteville, NC
Taniesha Buffin, MD, FACOG, Broken Arrow, OK
Marie-Elizabeth Ramas MD FAAFP, Nashua NH
Nicole O. Macaulay, MD
Shillena Peters, MD FACOG, Woodstock, MD
Cynthia Roland MD FACOG Beaumont, TX
Ayanna JJ Ayanna James MD, FACOG, Largo, MD
Ell Samel Emmary Butler, MD FACOG, Fort Wayne, IN
Sandy Carla Sandy, MD, FACOG, Washington, DC
Bobbie Daniels-Orellana, DO, Hackensack, New Jersey
Faunda Armstrong M.D. FACOG, Houston, TX
Shayla Nesbitt, MD, MPH, FACOG, Houston, TX
Urania Davis, DO, Miami, FL
Cecilia W. Banga DO FACOOG Greensboro, NC
Kristin Reavis, MD, MS, Baltimore, MD
Shana N. Wingo, MD, Gynecologic Oncology, FACOG, Phoenix, AZ
Chikanele Okorie MD FACOG, Stockton, CA
Kerri Anthony, MD, FACOG, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Keisha M. Bell, MS, MD, FACOG, Jackson, MS
Tawanna O. Gilliard, MD, FACOG Summerville, SC
Elicia Harris, MD, FACOG, Fort Wayne, IN
DeShawn Taylor, MD, MSc, FACOG, Phoenix, AZ
Tamika Martin, MD, Hazel Crest, IL
Gina Harris, DO, MS, Farmington Hills, MI
Uzoma Owunna, MD, FACOG East Brunswick, NJ
Katrina Haslett, MD, FACOG, Las Vegas, Nevada
Dr. Devin Cooper, MD (Chief Resident), San Antonio, TX
Patrice Basanta-Henry, MD, MHS, FACOG, Atlanta, GA
Adela Narcisse MD, FACOG, Baton Rouge, LA
Erin Wright, MD, FACOG, Maryville, IL
Ericka Gibson, MD, MPH, FACOG, Atlanta, GA
Tasmia Q. Henry, MD, FACOG, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Millet MD, FACOG, Houston, TX
Ja’Larna Grant, MD, Cleveland, MS
Shatia Y. Edwards, D.O., Pontiac, Michigan, Carrollton, Georgia, MD
marjorie g. michel, MD, FACOG, Chicago, IL
Makunda Abdul-Mbacke MD, MPH FACOG, Henry County, VA
Ruth Merid, MD, FACOG, St. Paul, Minnesota
Eugenia Jacobs, MD,FACOG, Realtor® Houston, TX
Regina Smith, DO FACOOG, Newark, DE
Sūra Edmond, MD, MBS, Consultant, Washington, DC
Lilibird Pichardo, MD, FACOG, Fayetteville, GA
Sharon A. Smith, MD, FACOG, Houston, TX
Tiffany Goldsmith Boyd, MD FACOG, Aiken, SC
Aiyanna B. Anderson MD, FACOG, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Fort Worth, TX
Candice Jones-Cox, MD, FACOG, Rockville, MD
Daisy A Ayim MD FACOG, Houston TX
Lydia F Sims , MD, FACOG, Houston, Texas
Sandy Dorcelus DO FACOG, Mineola, NY
Joy Baker, MD, FACOG, C-EFM, MT(ASCP), Thomaston (rural), GA
Michele Doughty Voeltz, MD, FACC, Detroit, Michigan
Jacqueline M Marecheau, MD FACOG, Brooklyn, NY
Julita Lett, MD FACOG, Waldorf, MD
Kemoy Harris, MD, FACOG, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Orlando, FL
LaPortia Smith, MD, MPH, FACOG, Ft. Hood, TX
Erica E. Taylor, MD, MS, Chicago, IL
Lucille Martinez, MD, FACOG. Corvallis, Oregon
Deneishia Fisher, MD, FACOG Newport News, VA
H.L. Norris Hyacinth L. Norris, MD Philadelphia, PA
Terrell Joi Bradshaw MD, FACOG, Chicago, IL
Marya Porter MD FACOG, NCMP, Hammond, LA
Jessica Edwards, DO, Family Medicine with OB, New Braunfels, TX
LaChanda Dunlap-Wright, DO, Chicago, IL
Vanessa J. Louis, DO, Kissimmee, FL
Charis Chambers, MD, Houston, TX
Nana Tchabo Nana E. Tchabo, MD
Morristown and Summit, NJ
Nneka Okezie-Okeh MD FACOG Greenwood, MS
Kiarra King MD, FACOG, Norridge, IL
Irogue Igbinosa, MD, Oakland, California
Kwandaa Roberts,DO, FACOOG, Meadowbrook, PA
Djuna Jones, DO, FACOOG, Stockbridge, GA
Germina Suffrant, MD, FACOG, Florence, SC
Camille C. Camille Okekpe, DO, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Colton, CA
Tanneisha Barlow, MD FACOG, Raliegh,NC
Kieya King MD, FACOG, Chicago, IL
g J’Leise Sosa, MD, MPH, Buffalo, NY
LaQuita Martinez, MD, Atlanta, GA
Annette Wagner, MD, FACOG, Erie, PA
Samrawit Berhanu, MD FACOG, Alexandria, VA
Daphne Bazile Harrison MD FACOG, Chester VA
Laterica S. Barton, DO, Lakewood Ranch, FL
Jennifer P. Taylor, MD FACOG, Baltimore, MD
Florence Jean-Louis MD FACOG, Middletown, NY
KD Curry Kristin Oates, MD FACOG, Decatur, GA
Rachel Villanueva, MD FACOG, New York, NY
Karyn E. White MD FACOG, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Silver Spring, MD
Shantele Bolton, MD, Hattiesburg, MS
Jan Re J. Sillas, MD FACOG, Houston, TX
Jennifer Hollings MD,FACOG, Kalamazoo, MI
Carmen Folmar, MD FACOG, Bardstown, KY
Sandra Madueke-Laveaux MD MPH FACOG, Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Chicago, IL
Naicie Marrow, MD, FACOG, Jacksonville, FL
Kenyetta Brummitt, MD, FACOG, Batesville, MS
Natashia Jeter MD, MBA, FACOG, Union, SC
Cordia Clark-White, MD, Chicago, IL
Tiffany Wilson, MD FACOG, Hazel Crest, IL
Angela Hawkins, MD, FACOG, Oklahoma City, OK
D’Angela Pitts, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI
Cherita Brown, MD, West Point, Mississippi
Dionne Mills MD FACOG, Gilbert, AZ
Suleika Just-Buddy Michel, MD FACOG, Annapolis, MD
Sarah Onafowora, MD, Philadelphia, PA
La Toya Luces MD FACOG, Stockton, CA
Sanithia L. Williams, MD FACOG, Family Planning Specialist, San Francisco, CA
Nicole Arthur MD, Bay Minette, AL
Sarah Napoe, MD, Providence, RI
Peace Nwegbo, MD, Houston, Texas
Pamela Lewis, MD, FACOG, Baton Rouge, LA
Nicole Calloway Rankins, MD MPH, FACOG, Richmond, VA
Folusho Sodeke, MD, Baltimore, MD
Shania J. Seibles, DO, JD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Columbus, GA
Tiffany Patrick, M.D.
Chavone Momon-Nelson, DO, MBA, FACOOG
Mamie Sarpoma Sefa-Boakye, MD, Oceanside, CA
Kimberlynn Heller, DO FACOG Portland, OR
Dennie T Rogers MD FACOG, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Rockford, IL
A. Asemota MD FACOG, Reproductive endocrinology and Infertility, Atlanta, GA
Ramana Jones, MD, FACOG, Houston, Texas
Julianne Adams Birt, MD, FACOG, Atlanta, Conyers, GA
Soyini Hawkins, MD, MPH, FACOG, Alpharetta, GA
Bernadith Russell, MD, New York, NY

Mocha OB:

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