MyMy Music Wins Over Investors with Innovative Music Streaming Technology

MyMy Music Wins Over Investors with Innovative Music Streaming Technology
Atlanta, GA, April 22, 2019 --( MyMy Music, the streaming music platform which allows listeners to discover and help promote independent artists, has earned funding from Hit Ventures, an entertainment media consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada with a tech-based venture capital fund.

Hit Ventures provides emerging brands in entertainment, media and hospitality technology with strategic marketing counsel and capital. For MyMy Music, the Canadian firm brings working partnerships with artist representation agencies, as well as global accounting and law firms with a coveted network of experts to provide services for artists that breakthrough on the MyMy Music platform.

Founded in 2017, MyMy Music launched its first genre-specific app, MyMy Hip Hop in Atlanta last year. The app offers a level playing field for hip-hop artists to introduce their music and gain feedback from listeners using a patent pending process called “blind judging.” An industry-first, blind judging randomly cues tracks for listeners without providing information on the artist or images. Tracks are judged solely on merit of the music.

Contrary to Spotify, where artists submit their music to “Spotify editors,” MyMy Music’s model showcases indie hip-hop artists that download the app and register. Individual artist promotion is based on crowd-sourced judging where favorably-rated songs make the catalog and build credibility for the artist from MyMy’s fast-growing listener pool of registered users.

“MyMy Music has proven their ability to bridge emerging artists to success,” said Hit Ventures co-founder Samy Eissa. “Our goal is to expand awareness of MyMy Music to more artists and build the engaged listening audience, presenting the platform as a centralized collection of the world’s best unheard talent.”

Hit Ventures’ principals have worked and consulted for an impressive roster of entertainment & lifestyle companies such as AccorHotels, a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties, LANDR, an audio mastering and distribution software for artists, and K6 Media Group, an entertainment technology company bringing solutions to the animation and interactive industry, including Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and Super Mario amongst others. With a niche focus in entertainment technology, Hit Ventures sees MyMy’s interactive gamification of crowd-based blind judging as a legitimate contender in music streaming.

“While investors are a major part of any startup’s success, there still has to be a personality fit,” says MyMy Music CEO Shawn Pouliotte. “Hit Ventures has been out in the field with us frequently, most recently at our activations for SXSW. They know our customer base intimately, and understand our innovative business model. That was a big factor in bringing them onboard as smart money.”

About MyMy Music
MyMy Music is a streaming music app founded with the goal of helping emerging artists gain exposure. The application is focused on music discovery in a way that is new to the industry. The company embraces crowd opinion as part of the listening process. The patent-pending algorithm uses a random blind-judging process that ensures there is no bias and the outcome of judging can’t be gamed. Listeners voted based on emotion rather than association. After sufficient judging of a track, it is scored and either promoted or failed based on the crowd opinion. This method of curation has proven highly successful in capturing a large audience sentiment about a track or artist across a global audience and can then further segment that information into more granular buckets such as gender or geolocation. MyMy Music will be deploying its blind-judging algorithm to other music genres in the upcoming months.

About Hit Ventures
Hit Ventures is a boutique consulting firm leveraging an exclusive network of partners who assist startups primarily in entertainment, media & hospitality technologies. The fund closely assists Seed and Series A level startups to build, market and grow their companies insuring founders’ success and investor interests. After identifying high-potential startups, Hit Ventures creates value through top-level networking, capital raising assistance between the fund and funding partners and strategies to grow and eventually exit the company’s hierarchy structure.

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