Goodbye-UTI Gives the Gift of Health and Awareness for Mother’s Day

Goodbye-UTI Gives the Gift of Health and Awareness for Mother’s Day
St. Augustine, FL, April 26, 2019 --( Just in time for Mother’s Day, Goodbye UTI, a nutraceutical approach to one of the world’s most common microbial infections - the urinary tract infection (UTI) - is raising awareness about the increasing rate of antibiotic resistance, while offering an alternative treatment solution. Today, UTIs are the most common of all bacterial infections in the US - affecting 50 to 60 percent of women, and 12 percent of men.

Worldwide concern is also on the rise as the harmful E. Coli bacteria that cause UTIs are becoming increasingly resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics. A UTI left untreated, or ineffectively treated, can result in kidney damage, seizures, septic shock, loss of kidney function and even death. Dr. Carmen Pessoa, a medical officer at the World Health Organization noted that the latest WHO surveillance report on global antibiotic resistance found rising resistance rates above 25-50%, to the oral antibiotics most commonly used to treat UTIs.

As an alternative preventative measure, Goodbye UTI is the first and only pharmacist-formulated, natural supplement that promotes a healthy urinary tract. It provides relief from UTI symptoms and prevents future infections in a fraction of the time and cost linked to receiving a diagnosis and prescribed antibiotics. The fast-acting, odorless and tasteless powder dissolves easily into a glass of water.

Kelly Luzi Allan, Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, has served patients for the past decade with specialty pharmacy services including prescription, over the counter and herbal solutions. She explains, “Goodbye UTI is made from D-Mannose, a natural sugar extracted from apples, cranberries and blueberries. When consumed, D-Mannose flows directly into the bladder and attaches to E Coli bacteria, flushing both out of the bladder during urination. When taken regularly, the D-Mannose sugar molecules coat the lining of the urinary tract and bladder with a membrane so that new E Coli bacteria cannot take hold and start a new infection.”

In time for Mother’s Day, the company is hoping to raise awareness about this all natural alternative to treating UTIs, and offer women an opportunity to buy one for mom and get one half off for themselves, or a friend. The offer provides two 30 Day shelf-stable supplies of Goodbye UTI for $30, instead of $40. The offer, which runs through the entire month of May, can be found on the website at

“As a woman and a professional market researcher, I have been well versed in this health epidemic, and have made it my mission to find a better, natural solution to the common UTI,” says Beth Allan, founder of the Newtriment Store, maker of Goodbye UTI. “After countless hours of in-depth research, I finally came across what felt like a miracle of a solution. My hope is that Goodbye UTI provides women and men suffering from recurrent UTIs a natural, high-quality alternative to heavy-duty antibiotics.”

About Goodbye UTI: Goodbye UTI is all natural, GMO free and manufactured in Atlanta, GA by Catalyst Nutraceuticals, an FDA approved facility. For more information about Goodbye UTI, visit or view our brand video.

About the Newtriment Store, Maker of Goodbye UTI: The Newtriment Store is producer and distributor of nutraceuticals, natural additives found in foods with medicinal benefits proven to remedy common infections and ailments facing potential antibiotic resistance. Goodbye UTI is the first nutraceutical available from the Newtriment Store.
Lauren Eastman