Gantner Environment Provides Monitoring and Control for 130MW Solar Project in Belarus

Gantner Environment Provides Monitoring and Control for 130MW Solar Project in Belarus
Zwoenitz, Germany, July 27, 2019 --( - Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions is pleased to announce that the company was chosen as supplier for the complete monitoring system for the largest PV Power Plant in Belarus with a planned capacity of 130MW.

The solar park in Cherikov district, located in the Mogilev region in Eastern part of Belarus.

Gantners monitoring and control solution "Made in Germany" is an optimised, individually tailored system and - as result of high quality engineering - based on newest technology.

Project scope and components provided by Gantner:

Q.reader data logger and Power plant controller
The heart of Gantners monitoring solution is the inverter independent datalogger Q.reader which tracks and controls all power plant information. The scalable modular design allows to control more than 100MW by one Q.reader. As Power plant controller (PPC) it provides all important functionality as absolute production constraint, power gradient constraint, voltage control, power factor control, etc. The PPC fulfils the requirements of the Solar Energy Plants Grid Connection Code. Also grid communication is in the scope of our solution and based on IEC 60870 standard.

Meteorological data such as solar irradiance, ambient temperature, module surface temperature and wind parameters are monitored according to IEC 61853 standard.

Commissioning of the power plant will be performed onsite by our engineers. Remote support is provided via high security connection with help of "gantner.RAS". Gantner.RAS is a remote access service for global fleet management of onsite DAQ devices.

Company Description
Since 2011 Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions has built up its position as prominent global supplier for utility scale solar power plant monitoring and control solutions. Numerous large projects on all continents have been equipped with Gantners products. In recently fastest growing markets as Australia and Egypt Gantner has gained a leadership position in its segment and is valued as a strong and competent partner for EPCs and investors.

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