The World’s Best Connectors Provides Virtual Networking for Too-Busy CEOs

Technology has pushed CEOs into a 24/7 lifestyle (or lack-of-life) style. They have little time or opportunity to talk, much less go to meetings, with peers in other industries. A new community, The World's Best Connectors will take advantage of technology's capability to virally connect to employees, family, government, clients and the media.

The World’s Best Connectors Provides Virtual Networking for Too-Busy CEOs
Phoenix, AZ, July 29, 2019 --( Instead of the increased leisure time that Americans were promised back in the 1980’s, CEOs today are working 24/7. They do not have time for traditional, or patience for speed-date-style, networking. The World’s Best Connectors (The WBCs), headquartered in Phoenix, is a new, virtual community and think tank for C-suite executives. The WBCs will give executives throughout the US access to like-minded businesspeople, new opportunities, and relevant information, without having to go to in-person meetings.

It was designed by Denise Meridith, a Cornell/University of Southern California alumna, who has played a major role in Arizona government and private projects, from the creation of four National Monuments to the creation of Tempe Town Lake to the building of State Farm Stadium, which have generated billions of dollars for the State’s economy the past 25 years.

“I wanted to create a legacy community that is unique in that it is virtual, diverse and results-oriented,” Meridith says. “I feel if you put three successful, imaginative people in a room, good things will happen. In this case, it is a virtual room. The WBCs is for an individual, who, if asked during a job interview what his/her major weakness is, would say ‘I’m impatient.’ The WBCs are financially-secure people of all industries, ages, races, sexual orientations, national origins, and political parties. They are different people who want to make a difference.”

The goal of WBCs members is not to sell widgets, but to establish new partnerships, strengthen supply chains, and enhance relationships with clients, employees, family, government and the media. The WBCs is especially interested in ambitious, young-minded entrepreneurs, who are providing forward-thinking, unique products and services.

Gerran Bettison-Clark is an innovation leader and ontological strategist in Atlanta, who founded the Imperial Hemp Company with the goal of “creating a (carbon) negative-emissions Earth.” He says, “This opportunity to be a member of The WBCs is rare, unique and automatically brings the best out of you. I hope to make connections that are the foundation for great service in the world and have a global impact.”

The annual charter membership includes monthly podcast interviews of famous leaders (e.g., sports management icon Jerry Colangelo’s interview will be available online to members in August); high-level webinars on topics relevant to top executives; confidential Facebook and webpage conversations; and access to special events and activities. Arizona State University (ASU) - ranked as US News & World’s Report’s “Most Innovative University” the past four years - is the host of the first annual WBCs conference on November 8, 2019.

The WBCs is not for everyone. It is a small, exclusive organization for successful CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and others in executive suites. It involves established independent or corporate for-profits, not network marketers, or non-profits. There are also limited sponsorship opportunities for companies who want to offer top-quality goods and services to this select target audience. For more information, business leaders can visit the website and request applications from
World's Best Connectors LLC
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