Dawn Me' Vue is Helping Women "Get Your Sexy Back; Mind, Body, Soul"

Las Vegas, NV, July 31, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Dawn Me' Vue for women announced today their “Get Your Sexy Back” campaign, which is a collaboration with Tighten and Tone Weight loss and Body Sculpting as well as Total Muscle Wellness of Las Vegas.

The “Get Your Sexy Back Campaign” for women is about being sexy; body, mind, and soul. "You can be sexy in any size body," states Dawn Ferriera, Founder Dawn Me' Vue. "As sexy is a state of mind. But there is always something as a woman you would like to help make you feel more confident."

“Dawn Me' Vue developed the Our Little 'Secret' Collection for women which helps those who suffer from occasional incontinence. This alone can be an embarrassing issue for women and can erode your confidence,” states, Ferriera. “When you are always nervous to be in public for fear you’ll have an accident, this can be devastating. Because of this, we developed a line of panties for women with a built-in absorbent liner for that layer of protection when accidents happen. But with that said we also wanted the panties to be sexy and fashionable to give women that extra bit of sexy and sassy confidence.”

“The 'Get Your Sexy Back' campaign collaboration includes introducing women to new and innovative ways to improve their muscle and body tone without the costs of expensive gym memberships,” states, Elizabeth Bahoora, Business Consultant for Tighten and Tone Weight loss and body sculpting. “We encourage women who just want to tweak those little areas that won’t tone up no matter how many sits ups they do or women who are looking to make a bigger change in their lives through our weight loss programs, whatever the case we want them to feel sexy in their own skin.”

Tighten and Tone Weight Loss and Body sculpting offers its client the newest in innovative technology including EMsculpt and Vanquish Me. EMsculpt, the only machine on the market that will build muscle. Using HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic), powerful involuntary muscle contractions help rebuild and reform your abdomen, glutes, biceps, and thighs. One 30-minute session is the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats depending on the treatment area. No needles. No Downtime. No Hassle. While the VANQUISH ME machine uses heat to seek out and destroy fat cells, in a phenomenon called apoptosis, without destroying the surrounding tissue. “These both are the latest technological advances on the market today. While our campaign is geared to women we also do offer services for men,” states Bahoora.

Total Muscle Wellness has been transitioning into the ownership of Innovative Healing. The business is based on helping heal the muscular components of injuries and chronic pain. They provide manual therapy on personal injury liens, provide post-mastectomy massages, sports massages, and several other muscle support modalities. Tonya Danzy, a licensee massage therapist and Judy Hagarty, CMPE, have joined forces to expand the Innovative concept as well as setting up multiple service locations across the state. Tonya’s dream of business ownership was realized when the opportunity to buy Innovative presented itself. Judy and Tonya have a passion for helping others heal and providing the absolute best care and support for others.

“As part of our campaign you will be seeing us around town a lot,” states Ferriera. “We plan to attend as many women-centric events to help spread the word.”
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