Secret Youth LLC Introduces a New Machine for Cellulite Called Vaser Shape

Secret Youth LLC Introduces a New Machine for Cellulite Called Vaser Shape
Las Vegas, NV, August 24, 2019 --( Secret Youth LLC staff are proud to announce they have a new massage therapy cellulite treatment called Vaser Shape to offer clients.

Secret Youth LLC started offering Vaser Shape massage therapy treatments to their patients. This noninvasive technology can be used to tighten and smooth skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and reduce fat.

A popular alternative to liposuction, the treatment delivers ultrasonic energy and lymphatic drainage to the targeted area, thus providing results that can be compared to those seen with surgical shaping techniques.

During the process, ultrasound energy is passed through the skin, prompting the underlying fat cells to release their lipid contents into the lymphatic system. Once the procedure is complete, the skin of the treated area appears smooth and taut.

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Secret Youth LLC is a friendly neighborhood Medical Spa located in the heart of Las Vegas. Secret Youth LLC offers a variety of services which includes laser hair removal, skin tone and texture improvement, skin contouring, treatment of pigmented lesions among other services that a modern Spa should provide to you.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to making you look more beautiful at Secret Youth LLC. You are our top priority and as such we have equipped our Spa with state of the art equipment with exceptional quality to deliver the best outcome. This service is rendered by experienced and certified professionals.
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