Rent-A-Plane Relaunch

Rent-A-Plane is back with a new site. Their platform enables owners to rent their plane directly to end user pilots.

Rent-A-Plane Relaunch
Houston, TX, August 23, 2019 --( Rent-A-Plane originally launched last November, they were amazed at the response and number of new user accounts that were created in a short period of time. From that, they received a huge amount of positive user feedback about their Peer-to-Peer business model and how the website could be improved. So, based on the feedback they have launched a new site. The new site includes many of the suggestions and has streamlined the listing process. They have also added new features like aircraft scheduling, billing, and an invoicing system for owners to manage their rentals. Renters can locate aircraft using their search capability that is integrate with Google Maps. Their goal is to provide owners and renters with an easy to use platform where they can collaborate.

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Jim Weldon