Meet Bruce Nachsin - Winner of Six Best Actor Awards and Comic Con Film Festival Nominee 2019

Actor Bruce Nachsin wins six awards for best actor and nomination at Comic Con in 2019.

Meet Bruce Nachsin - Winner of Six Best Actor Awards and Comic Con Film Festival Nominee 2019
Los Angeles, CA, August 27, 2019 --( Actor and screenwriter Bruce Nachsin is enjoying a string of major successes in 2019. The native Pennsylvanian turned Los Angeles filmmaker has won six best actor awards across two films he produced - Dark Specter 2 and Lunchtime Is Over. Further, the acclaim received for Dark Specter 2 earned Bruce a nomination at the exclusive 50th annual Comic Con this summer.

Dark Specter 2 is the story of an unknown supervillain who seeks global infamy. Yet, with many life challenges standing in his way, we see that the Dark Specter is all but your typical one-dimensional comic book villain.

With Bruce’s acting foundations rooted in comedy, it is his portrayal of the Dark Specter which shows his versatility. His character faces many challenges including obligation to family and the struggle towards self-actualization. Bruce’s unique skill of tapping into the full spectrum of the character’s emotions is what has caught the attention of film festival judges across the country. Indie Shorts Magazine called Dark Specter 2 “a brilliant take on the superhero genre, subverting the paradigm, well supported by a stellar cast and incredible writing.”

Earlier this year, Bruce also made his directorial debut with the short film Lunchtime Is Over. Dubbed a “combat - comedy,” the film depicts a group of warehouse workers, led by Bruce’s character, who become disgruntled when their lunch is cut short by middle management. Conflict ensues and escalates to a fully choreographed stunt-fighting scene. The idea for Lunchtime Is Over was conceived when Bruce was taking Mike Chat’s XMA stunt class in North Hollywood. “At first I just wanted to try out these new stunt skills I had learned in class and put them on film,” says Bruce. “But then I thought, why not turn this into a story everyone can relate to? We then decided we’d like it to be a comedy.”

Bruce’s Best Actor wins include:

The Charlie Chaplin Gold Film Award for Best Actor – West Coast International Film Festival

The Platinum Award for Best Actor – Mindfield Albuquerque Film Festival

The Diamond Award for Best Actor – Mindfield LA Film Festival

Silver Award for Best Actor – LA Shorts Awards

Best Actor – Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival

Best Actor – Hollywood Verge Film Festival

Bruce’s uniqueness and versatility make him an excellent choice for casting directors to consider. For further information on Bruce visit For media inquiries, contact For casting, contact
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