P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Welcomes Their Newest Women of Empowerment Members

P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Welcomes Their Newest Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, October 21, 2019 --(PR.com)-- P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to welcome their newest Women of Empowerment members who have been honored for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About The New Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is pleased to introduce the newest Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Cynthia Perez--Hospitality
Amanda P. Rogers--Healthcare
Nicole M. Phillips--Healthcare
Suzanne James--Home Healthcare
Mattie C. Shaw--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Odessa Yovanovich--Manufacturing
Janel S. Borton--E-Commerce
Norma A. Diaz--Logistics/Procurement
Diane Sica--Inventor
Madison P. Gilbert--Media
Aida Hidalgo--Retail Industry
Liliana Toro--Architecture/Planning/Design
Mercy Baeza--Coaching
Tiffany A. Delbridge--Education
Terri L. Hubert--Law/Legal Services
Christina D. Teartt--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Lauralee C. Mayorkinos--Healthcare
Leonora Allum--Consulting
Crissy P. Medina--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Suzie Dault--Health Services
Angela D. Taylor--Financial Services
Kristian Ratcliffe--Healthcare
TreKinya Matthews--Insurance
Barbara L. McLeod--Consulting
Allison N. Smith--Entertainment
Nicole A. Galluzzo--Real Estate Agency
Pam Malow-Isham--Health Services
Andrea A. Chavez--Education
BriAnna R. Zang--Alternative Medicine
Sonja K. Woolverton--Healthcare
Dawn M. Russiello--Healthcare
Nicole Haney--Consulting
Crystal E. Cream--Government
Elizabeth Rakow--Retail Industry
Therese M. Cleary--Manufacturing
Heidi Hogenbirk--E-Commerce
Regina B. Castro--Retail Industry
Elyse M. Swedberg--Aerospace/Aviation
Mona C. Eleuthere--Catering
Staci Lynn Hill--Apparel/Fashion
Katherine Noel Osiwala-Capaldi--Cleaning Service
Kathie Allen--Healthcare
Margaret Newton--Healthcare
Florinda Gamboa--Insurance
Carol Shwery--Healthcare
Monetia Smothers--Apparel/Fashion
Danielle Perry--Information Technology/IT
Amy L. Jensen--Healthcare
Kat Blalack--Alternative Medicine
Karen S. Kollie--Manufacturing
Beverly J. Jones--Business Owner
Michelle Daniels-Devore--Healthcare
Merranda Hanks--Retail Industry
Tonya Williams--Cleaning Service
Latoya M. Bounds--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Leah F. Dodge--Aerospace/Aviation
Mia M. Maurice--Health Services
Ana Maria Leal--Environmental Services
Marcela Torres-Noguera--Healthcare
Anna Massatt--Health Services
Melissa M. Goeddertz--Food/Beverages
Arshenna M. Hines--Entertainment
Stephanie R. Scarpa--Healthcare
Sharon J. Chandler--Beauty/Cosmetics
Joanna Barker--Insurance
Kathey Burns--Home Healthcare
Troilen G. Seward--Education
Denise R. DeMoss--E-Commerce
Denise A. Irons--Healthcare
Justine Finocchiaro-Doles--Event Services
Stefanie Hadding--Network Marketing
Elizabeth A. Ridlespriger--Government
Diane Linston--Retail Industry
Dawn S. Walker--Healthcare
Heather Harrison--Real Estate
Ottilie E. Sommars--Funeral Director
EuRhonda L. Morgan--Education
Vineeta Singh--Retail Industry
Amanosi Adeniyi--Consulting
Leaza M. Greenroad-Ford--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Lorraine Clark--Beauty/Cosmetics
Lisa A. Schnettler--Information Technology/IT
Elizabeth A. Hattara--Food/Beverages
Elisa M. Durdik--Healthcare
Donna M. Torbico--Mental Health Care
Christi Baker--Healthcare
Desiree C. Best--Transportation
Sarah Person--Mental Health Care
Angela Crockett--Event Services
Janis Lee Butler--Nutrition/Wellness
Jennifer Bergstrom--Software Engineer
Julie Rodriguez--Human Services
Dina M. Zoleo--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Toni-Ann Vroom--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Elvia Hita, J.D.--Manufacturing
Phyllis M. McNeal--Coaching
Petra Contrada--Coaching
Michelle Deis--Jewelry
Shaesta Gilani Humayun--Healthcare
Selena J. Thiele--Virtual Assistant
Danielle G. Stanton--Home Healthcare
Nichole A. Martin--Publishing
Victoria Barford--Banking/Mortgage
Stasia V. Henley--HVAC
Lauresa A. Tomlinson--Publishing
Karen A. Drosnes--Nutrition/Wellness
Sarah M. Witt--Engineering
Jackie L. Reed--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Maria Alvarez--Mental Health Care
Rashana Ghazal--Security
Jenna Stewart--Beauty/Cosmetics
Sorina Vasu--Insurance
Christina Heppen--Health Services
Elma V. Espinoza--Apparel/Fashion
Carrie Hart--Hospitality
Gabriella T. Arellano--Health/Fitness
Daphna A. Fuhr-Dylag--Healthcare
Amy L. Helsley--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Rolinda M. Hernandez--Government
Tiffani Foster Carter--Financial Services
Sharon Wyse--Alternative Medicine
Jessica L. Cottrell--Alternative Medicine
Teresa Nations--Founder
Emily Robertson Wright--Art
Drea Ely--Sales Manager
Lex Anne R. Stroh--Retail Industry
Cheryl James--Government
Cheryl L. James--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Anissa C. Rainer--Financial Services
Jennifer D. Windsor--Real Estate
Elena (Laura) Gracia--Textiles
Margaret A. Lidz--Trainer
Kymberly M. Farrar--Beauty/Cosmetics
Belinda K. Collins--Education
Karen Palmer--Construction/Building
Kristi W. Myricks--Mental Health Care
Tandra L. Blackwell--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Rebecca Hair--Furniture
Irene G. Martinez--Law/Legal Services
Lynda Packard--Real Estate
Tisha Dolby--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Marti Vo--Real Estate
Stasha E. Gumienny--Education
Lucinda Harris--Financial Services
Jaclyn Smith--Media
Wanda Fuster--Education
Suzanne Somers--Health/Fitness
Ann Jewett--Beauty/Cosmetics
Shannon G--Accounting, Legal, Finance Assistant, Consultant

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