Blackfire's All New Portable Power Station – Charge Your Life Outdoors

Blackfire's All New Portable Power Station – Charge Your Life Outdoors
Cedar Rapids, IA, September 18, 2019 --( Blackfire, the creators of rugged lights, speakers and multi tools continue to push the boundaries of durable, utilitarian consumer products. New for 2019, Blackfire has announced the release of their all new Portable Power Station. The compact design allows for long lasting power packed into a lightweight, easy to transport package.

Blackfire has always designed the most multi-functional products for any adventure. The new Portable Power Station allows weekend warriors to never sacrifice their technology. With a surprisingly compact, lightweight design, the Portable Power station provides plenty of battery for a group, and can be taken almost anywhere. Meeting the demands of multiple lifestyles and ages.

So how does it work? The Power Station is built around a high-energy-density 546 Wh lithium-ion battery. The efficiency, power, and long-lasting output of the battery make the station ideal for multiple hobbies and outdoor journeys. Well aware that there may be no other power sources in sight, Blackfire ensured that after charging overnight, the Power Station holds enough battery life to recharge most phones 40 times, and laptops 6-10 times. Around the battery is a rugged protective outer casing made of ABS plastic, featuring 3 different types of outputs (6 total).

Blackfire products, though, are not designed to sit in one place. The Portable Power Station is equipped with a flip-up handle for moving from campsite to campsite. With a 7.5"x7.25"x11.75", 14.8lb frame, the Battery is truly portable.

Blackfire designed the brand new Portable Power Station to charge any adventure. The Inputs include 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, and 2 Pure Sine-Wave 120V 300W AC wall outlets that are safe on sensitive electronics and eliminate any sound or fumes while charging. Also included is the capability to adapt common solar panels when going completely off the grid.

As a brand, Blackfire aims to combine utility with adventure. This portable power station is the perfect combination of both. In the 21st century, technology is a necessity even on outdoor adventures. Blackfire paired their traditional rugged and adventurous design with a battery that exceeds expectations.

The Portable Power Station from Blackfire is the go-to tool for any trip. It is capable of charging headlamps 70x, electric coolers 10x, tablets 10x, Bluetooth speakers 80x, or a drone 4-9x on one charge. All of this can be monitored from the digital display with real-time telemetry.

Josh Pierce