The Cozy Hollow Celebrates Grand Opening of Online Home and Decor Shop

The Cozy Hollow Celebrates Grand Opening of Online Home and Decor Shop
Cleveland, OH, November 01, 2019 --( The Cozy Hollow, a new whimsically wonderful home decor store, has just launched to the digital world by creator Aziza Brown. The store sells home decor and accents such as uniquely stunning lamps, enchanting fairy lights, beautiful crystal balls, wall decor, home organization, electronics, and even DIY dollhouses.

The Cozy Hollow inspires visitors to begin designing a room or space that will serve as a personal sanctuary and retreat. It's all the small details that add up to create a stunning atmosphere. The Cozy Hollow offers up classic staples, such as stringed lights and essential oil diffusers to unique finds, such as a DIY miniature loft and neon lamps.

“Transform your space. Create your sanctuary." -The Cozy Hollow

The Cozy Hollow was founded out of the desire to inspire people to create a sanctuary of space that they may retreat to no matter what is happening in their lives. The store curates and offers up the tools needed to create or transform this space. The Cozy Hollow sells home and decor items that may not be commonly found at average retailers, which offers up the potential for a more unique room.

"The goal is to acquire and maintain peace through the intentional design of one’s personal atmosphere. One must always have a sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day to recharge, create, read, rest, be entertained, or do anything else that promotes happiness and peace." -Aziza Brown

The Cozy Hollow, also stylized as T.C.Hollow, is set upon a dark theme, allowing for heightened browsing comfort. An animated cursor trail adds to the magic of navigating the store.

Visitors should be sure to stop by the Arcade for an addictive bout of crossword puzzling, or fun with any of the other games. Don't leave before checking out The Cozy Hollow Gazette; a fun and quirky publication.

Prices are wallet-friendly. Shipping is free. A welcome discount can be acquired for additional savings. Visitors should be sure to check out the shipping and delivery policies as well as register for the loyalty membership program to collect points for future savings.

The Cozy Hollow is a beautifully designed online shop; it is a place you’ll want to spend time exploring, searching and gathering inspiration to add a bit of magic and wonder to your home.
The Cozy Hollow
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