Houston Nonprofit Finding Ways to Give Back More

Houston Nonprofit Finding Ways to Give Back More
Houston, TX, November 11, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Houston-based nonprofit organization, Persistence is The Key, is in the middle of promoting its laptop giveaway campaign and finding ways to giveaway more faster in addition to celebrating their 2-year anniversary this past October. “We are trying to find ways to do more and give back faster, Persistence is The Key has been in existence for two years and I have so much planned as my nonprofit continues to grow,” the founder Venisha Arnold stated. “In doing that we have moved from mentoring to assisting the next generation by donating laptops and school supplies to schools and education-focused youth organizations, currently we are compiling a list of schools and organizations to send supplies and those interested should reach out to Persistence is The Key, also we are currently getting ready for our holiday giveaways,” Arnold further stated.

Persistence is The Key is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting high academic achievement for students of all educational levels from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Arnold explains, “My goal with Persistence is The Key is to complement and enhance the education process to ensure that the next generation accomplishes their academic goals, regardless of what challenges life throws at them and by providing them with free laptops and school supplies that is my way of giving back.”

If you would like to know more about your school or youth-based organization receiving donations visit www.persistenceisthekey.org.

The founder of Persistence is The Key is Venisha Arnold an attorney from Houston, Texas. Her professional background includes work in law, media and public policy. Prior to starting her legal career Venisha who also has a journalism degree has worked for media companies such as ESPN, Fox Sports Net, CBS Radio, ABC 13 and franchises in the NBA and NFL.

For more information about Venisha, visit www.venishaarnold.com.
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