VOS Digital Media Group Announces LATAM Expansion - New Mexico City Office for Greater LATAM

Mexico City Office to Expand Greater LATAM Technology and Content Distribution for VOS.

VOS Digital Media Group Announces LATAM Expansion - New Mexico City Office for Greater LATAM
New York, NY, November 13, 2019 --(PR.com)-- VOS Digital Media Group, a leading digital video technology platform and media company for digital properties and content media companies, announced the expansion of its Latin American operations with the opening of its new office in Mexico City, Mexico. VOS’ Mexico City office will focus on greater LATAM content aggregation and distribution and manage digital content operations such as media sourcing and enhancement initiatives in Spanish, Portugues, and English-speaking markets. As an international digital media partner, VOS distributes digital content to partners across web, mobile, and OTT devices. Media distribution partners include upcoming technology launch plans for a B2C version of a VOS-powered app to tens of millions of customers associated with telecom and media partners operating within the Americas.

“The expansion into LATAM is a vital component of our growing strategy and operations in the greater Latin American markets for VOS’s publishing partners, telco partners and media partners,” stated Paul Feller, VOS Chairman & CEO. “With digital media partnerships spanning dozens of content verticals and multiple languages, a specialized team devoted to best practices in the LATAM market in technology, digital distribution, curation and metadata enhancement is absolutely essential.”

VOS’ new Mexico City Office will provide content operations support for its multi-language digital media distribution in verticals such sports, breaking news, music, health, and entertainment to its growing list of publishers, telco partners and media groups. Primary languages will include English, Spanish and Portugese. Through the processes undertaken by the content operations team in the new Mexico City office, VOS partners across LatAm will benefit from digital media that has undergone a rigorous enhancement process through the VOS platform. This process yields greater content discoverability, heightened contextual relevance for media matching, and streamlined publishing for VOS partners.
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