Rural Hospital Finds Success in Cottage’s Intensive Outpatient Therapy Model

Hamilton Healthcare System Sees Increased Volumes and Good Patient Outcomes

Rural Hospital Finds Success in Cottage’s Intensive Outpatient Therapy Model
Hamilton, TX, November 20, 2019 --( Grady Hooper, CEO at Hamilton Healthcare System, engaged Cottage Management in April of 2018 to assess the operations of their long existing outpatient counseling and psychiatry program. By November 2019, that assessment proved a sound fiscal move for the hospital and a beneficial one for the community.

Significant Growth Trajectory

After an extensive audit, the Cottage team took clinical and operations staff onsite to help the hospital revise billing methods, documentation, and clinical protocols. Very early in the process, the Special Care Clinic, now rebranded as Solutions Behavioral Health established a significant growth trajectory. Hooper says, "Current volume is double what it was when Cottage first arrived." Wiley Barner, Cottage CEO, recognized that the Hamilton team was experienced enough to handle multiple changes, so at the same time the clinical team was revising policies and protocols, Wiley worked with the department director Cathy Kolodziej on several projects aimed at volume growth. Approaches included a total rebranding and development of new materials and marketing strategies. "Hamilton has this great resource, but there were many people in the community who really weren't clear about the care available," says Wiley.

Above-Average Patient Improvement Scores

Hamilton's Solutions team, which previously did not measure clinical outcomes, is seeing patient improvement scores well above nationally published data for depression care after implementing the Cottage clinical model. Franklin says, "We are very proud of everything the team at Hamilton has done. They started with very caring ad competent staff, so it was really a pleasure to help them develop some practices and tools that worked well for them and could continue to carry their improvement efforts well into the future."

Moving Forward, Achieving More

Cottage identified during the audit that the clinic was isolated from hospital operations in multiple ways. Integration of psychiatric services can be a real hurdle and there are many different ways to achieve this goal, but data suggests effective integration drives better patient outcomes across multiple domains. The first step at Hamilton was simply to more actively involve the clinic manager in overall hospital planning and strategy. In addition, the clinical team began supporting the emergency room and inpatient staff on a consultative basis. These changes weren't huge and added value without additional cost to the hospital.

About Cottage Management

Cottage Management develops and manages psychiatric intensive outpatient (IOP) programs and inpatient assessment programs (GIA) in partnership with rural and community hospitals. The Cottage protocol has demonstrated successful patient outcomes since 2009. Cottage is passionate about integration and outcomes measurement. If you want to know more, watch our video to hear from patients why the Cottage model is different.
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