Cubby Launches Its Services in Vegas in November 2019, Making Luggage Storage Easier for Travelers

Cubby now offers its innovative and convenient luggage storage lockers for people traveling from the Las Vegas airport.

Cubby Launches Its Services in Vegas in November 2019, Making Luggage Storage Easier for Travelers
Las Vegas, NV, December 12, 2019 --( One of the biggest concerns for travelers is ensuring the safety of their luggage. Cubby offers safe and convenient luggage storage faculties near various airports and all major landmarks around the country. Along with affordable rates, the company has a modern solution for people traveling with heavy luggage on short trips.

What started as a small innovative company in Texas has now expanded to the entire country, with major locations including Boston and Washington, DC. To keep up with the increasing demand for secure luggage storage facilities, Cubby is launching its modern and cost-effective luggage storage solutions in Las Vegas in November 2019, just in time for the holiday rush.

"McCarran International is the largest airport in Las Vegas but it sorely lacks any luggage storage facilities. People who wish to explore the city have nowhere else to store their luggage and are stuck dragging their heavy bags all over the city.

"Cubby offers people traveling to Las Vegas the option to store their luggage with us while they make their way to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip for a night of gambling, food, drinks, and fun," a representative from Cubby said discussing the latest expansion of the company.

Cubby offers an Airbnb style luggage storage facility that allows travelers to go hands-free without having to worry about their luggage. Unlike traditional lockers, Cubby partners with hotels and local businesses to securely store the luggage. All location partners are personally vetted and trained by Cubby. Cubby also offers insurance for all items stored up to $750 for its customers in Las Vegas. Additionally, clients enjoy the advantage of getting connected to local businesses and hotels through Cubby's luggage storage service.

"Not only do we offer affordable storage with as little as $5.90 for each bag per day. We understand the unique nature of the city that never sleeps and make sure our customers can store or pick up their luggage at any time as per their convenience. We operate with complete transparency which means there is a flat fee for our service with no hidden costs," the representative further expanded on Cubby's luggage storage services in Las Vegas.

Cubby offers an online booking option for its clients. The web-based model of their booking process is quite easy and allows customers to book a luggage locker in Las Vegas within minutes.

With a no charge cancellation policy, Cubby is the perfect solution for people traveling to Las Vegas on a short trip or wishing to visit the city during a layover at McCarran International Airport.

About Cubby:
Cubby is a modern, cost-effective, and convenient online luggage storage service for travelers. Available in major cities in America including Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Atlanta, Boston, Houston, and Dallas; Cubby helps travelers by providing temporary safe and affordable storage for their possessions.


Locations: Houston, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Galveston, Atlanta, Boston, Austin.
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