FACTON Releases Its New Software Solution EPC Business Case Simulator

Users simulate manufacturing costs and capture the effects on key performance indicators in real time

Munchen, Germany, December 19, 2019 --(PR.com)-- FACTON, a leader in Enterprise Product Costing (EPC), today announced the release of its new solution, the EPC Business Case Simulator. Manufacturing companies use the simulator to quickly generate calculation scenarios for their customer projects. With each scenario, the simulator delivers results and key figures automatically in real time.

Manufacturers often have to answer questions such as: How do different sales prices or long-term agreements affect the return on sales? If payment dates or inventory days are extended, what impact will this have on working capital? Manufacturing companies are frequently asked to account for these scenarios as they calculate investment projects or customer projects and to record the effects on the company's key figures. FACTON, creator of the Enterprise Product Costing Suite, launches its new enterprise solution – the EPC Business Case Simulator – to develop forecasts and cost analyses quickly and reliably. The FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator uses the data from customer project calculations and simulates costs and key figures based on predefined scenario parameters.

Manufacturers and suppliers who want to achieve price reductions, for example, adjust the variables of a calculation and change the variant mix, reduce production quantities or redistribute the risks from changes in material prices or exchange rates. At the same time, they must calculate the internal targets such as payback time or return on sales with each individual scenario. The FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator automates the individual processes. For the simulation of cost effects, users enter the economic and financial assumptions for the project into the simulator. The application provides the cost scenarios, calculates the effects on the project on an annual basis and produces the key figures of the customer project in real time.

"With the EPC Business Case Simulator, companies know early and reliably which profits or losses are associated with long-term agreements or changes in economic conditions. They can easily track the development of a project's profitability, making opportunities and risks completely transparent," commented Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON GmbH.

The FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator uses the modern infrastructure of the FACTON EPC platform, which supports fast and standardized work among international teams. All data is centrally available. Users can create any number of scenarios and version them as required. Due to the high degree of automation, users can generate the scenarios quickly and with a low error tolerance. The application is available both in the cloud and on-premise.

Selected use cases supported by the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator:

- Use foreign currency rates: Change or add the exchange rate of a currency pair.

- Enter working capital: Automatically calculate working capital by adjusting sales, outstanding receivables or storage days.

- Adjust sales price based on long-term-agreements/savings: Apply savings on a percentage basis to all products of the project and/or individually define for each product.

- Adjust product quantities: Adjust the change of product quantities as a percentage for all products of the project and/or individually for each product. Enter the change of quantities with immediate effect on all products.

- Track operating and capital expenditures: Define each item of expenditure, e.g., on which capital is spent when an amount is expected from the customer.

- Change project schedule: Adjust start and end times of projects or productions and automatically transfer new specifications to the simulator.

- Calculate cost of capital: Adjust the interest rate for capital and automatically apply it to projects and products. The simulator updates capital costs, allocation to individual cost factors and key performance indicators in real time.

- Change tax rate: Adjust the corporate income tax rate on an annual basis and automatically update fiscal expenditure and earnings after tax.

More Information: www.facton.com/software/facton-epc-suite/business-case-simulator
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