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Phlebotomy Career Training Now Incorporates Training in PRP Technology for Dental Implantation Procedures

The art and science of phlebotomy has now expanded from hospitals and clinics to dental offices and surgical centers. Platelet Rich Plasma has proven effective in expediting the patient's healing process after dental procedures such as tooth implants and bone grafts. The science behind the proper centrifugation and extraction of these precious blood products is now taught at Phlebotomy Career Training, both online and in class.

Phlebotomy Career Training Now Incorporates Training in PRP Technology for Dental Implantation Procedures
Garden City, MI, January 06, 2020 --( What is PRP? The word is tossed about in many medical areas but little is known about the subject outside of the dental profession. The term PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a relatively new process by which blood is removed from the patient by a routine venipuncture and then goes through several processes of centrifugation until a thick gelatin like mass is extracted. The scientific term for this is called a membrane. This membrane is then placed in the opening where the newly implanted tooth will rest. Since the membrane is derived from the patient's own blood, the process of healing is exponentially increased through the introduction of specific growth factors that are found in the plasma.

Why is this an important subject to learn in phlebotomy training?
Phlebotomists as a general rule do not normally work in a dentist office, they may not ever perform this procedure. However, with the popularity of this procedure, many dentists and dental assistants may have to either call upon the knowledge of the phlebotomist or train to learn how to draw blood and prepare a PRP specimen. Also if a phlebotomist is very skilled at the PRP preparation they may find themselves in high demand with dental clinics.

Therefore, phlebotomy has become a skill that is highly sought after by many dentists. Phlebotomy Career Training is one of the first schools in the nation to educate its students in the procedure of PRP using the centrifuge machine. Alex, CEO of Phlebotomy Career Training, stated, "The additional training and skill level to prepare a PRP specimen will help both local dentists and their staff perform their jobs at a higher level. This will benefit both their patients and the staff since there is no formal training anywhere to be found other than on the internet."

Phlebotomy Career Training has already put in motion the additional curriculum requirements for the course. Professor Nancy Kimmel stated, " I am very excited to show students how to extract PRP. We are in the process of training our other instructors to become familiar with how to teach this procedure to students."

The additional training in the new PRP procedure offered through Phlebotomy Career Training is sure to attract the attention of dentists and aspiring phlebotomist alike.
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