Business Networking Memberships Work

Business Networking Memberships Work
Saratoga Springs, NY, January 16, 2020 --( "People often think that if you show up in a networking group, they should simply be handed leads and referrals," says Bonnie Ausfeld, founder of the Business Referrals Networking Group (brng). “The networking organization provides the forum, the professional development and the opportunity to build relationships that generate referrals. It is up to the members to make certain that they are taking full advantage of these opportunities.” She offers the following tips.

1. Be committed. What was your attendance at the meetings this year? Are you making your networking meetings a priority on your schedule? Ausfeld says that this makes a difference. Some members do not receive a referral principally due to poor attendance.

2. Be on time. “Members lose out on referrals when they are consistently late for meetings because the concern is that they will not be on time to the referred client and/or will not provide the information requested on time,” she says.

3. Sharing information freely. Help the members learn who you are and what it is that you do even if you think that they should already know. “It also gives the opportunity to tell the members exactly what kind of referrals you are seeking,” says the author.

4. Make new connections. "What has been your commitment to the growth of the membership?" asks Ausfeld. “When you bring into the group qualified members, this helps you to be viewed as an expert in your field by the person you are introducing to the membership and enables your fellow members to connect with the new members connections.”

5. Give to get. Are you "giving" referrals where the member can use your name? “When you give, you will receive back double and sometimes triple what you gave,” she says.

Finally, effective leaders are needed to set up new BRNG Chapters. Contact Bonnie at to discuss this opportunity. Mention PR Code.
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