CimexiShield Bed Bug Repellent Now on Amazon Prime

RxBioLabs, makers of CimexiShield the World’s First and Only Apply to Your Skin Bed Bug Repellent, is now stocked and available through Amazon Prime FBA’s.

CimexiShield Bed Bug Repellent Now on Amazon Prime
Millstone, NJ, January 30, 2020 --( When talking to RxBioLabs CEO Ms. Jennifer Gere about why CimexiShield is so successful as an Amazon Prime product, she says, “We all travel somewhere whether it’s a vacation, to see friends / family or even just simply going to work every day and the more we do, the greater our chances of encountering bed bugs are. I’m a mother, I plan out vacations, I’ve packed all the medicines my children or husband wouldn’t even think of until – mommy my head hurts, my belly hurts etc. If I’ve never been to a hotel before I start to think 2 days before we leave, the what if’s and that’s when people think about - bed bugs! They go to Amazon search 'bed bug repellent' and CimexiShield is there – that is the beauty of Amazon Prime, CimexiShield is in stock, packed and shipped 24/7 from all over the country and you have it before you leave to put in your suitcase!”

According to the CimexiShield listing on Amazon some of the product highlights are: The only on skin bed bug repellent, is lab tested and safe for skin, can be used before, during and after bed bug treatment, helps to never get bed bug bites again and lastly is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. When Ms. Jennifer Gere was asked where she sees CimexiShield in the future, she replied, “I hope to see CimexiShield at every airport in the Hudson News stores and it’s perfect in a display box on the counter as an impulse Buy when you’re traveling. Of course, I see it in Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Walgreens and other general pharmacy type stores as well but CimexiShield is breaking down barriers. No one has ever produced a product that goes on your skin before. I think about John Henry talking to Billy Beane in Money Ball 'the first guy through the wall... he always gets bloody, always. This is threatening not just a way of doing business... It's threatening the way they do things.' That is what CimexiShield is doing to the market as more retailers see people are not only buying CimexiShield but paying extra to have it tomorrow, so why would they not have it on the shelves?”

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