VirtuAlarm Announces Its AlarmNet® for Less Service, to Reduce Dealer Costs. Alarm Net is a Registered Trademark of Pittway Corp.

VirtuAlarm announces the successful launch of a new service, designed to dramatically reduce the cost of AlarmNet® service for alarm dealers. Information is available at Alarm Net is a registered trademark of Pittway Corp.

VirtuAlarm Announces Its AlarmNet® for Less Service, to Reduce Dealer Costs.  Alarm Net is a Registered Trademark of Pittway Corp.
Kirkland, WA, January 30, 2020 --( Alarm dealers using AlarmNet® services are currently subject to Central Station pricing, based on high markups.

VirtuAlarm’s AlarmNet® For Less, allows alarm dealers to route any existing or new AlarmNet® accounts to their Central Station without paying a high markup on the services.

Using AlarmNet360® dealers can have full control over their AlarmNet ® accounts and can add, delete or change their AlarmNet® services in real-time 24/7. The dealer only pays what their Central Station pays each month through its own AlarmNet360 account, plus a small processing fee. On average dealer fees will be reduced to less than 50% of what they currently pay their Central Station for AlarmNet® accounts.

Information is available at

Signals are transported to the central station of the dealer’s choice, with added features and services, including the option to change Central Stations in real-time, should the need arise. The real-time switching function is under the dealer’s direct control using the VirtuAlarm® portal.

Along with significant net cost reduction, the AlarmNet® For Less program is a perfect complement to VirtuAlarm’s signal delivery service and False Alarm Reduction Platform.

The signal delivery service allows traditional, professionally installed alarm systems and the new class of Do-It-Yourself alarm and camera systems to send signals to the platform via multiple methods including phone line, cellular, IP, API, SMS and email. Upon receipt, the VirtuAlarm platform converts the signal to a standard alarm industry format. After the conversion, the signal can be routed to any professional alarm monitoring center, globally, using IP or phone lines.

The False Alarm Reduction Platform uses multiple communication methods to allow end users to confirm or cancel the alarm event prior to dispatching authorities. When an alarm event is received by the platform, push notifications are sent to the end user's APP and to as many friends, family members, or employees as needed. The push notification is followed by automated interactive phone calls. At each step, any user receiving the notification can either cancel the alarm prior to authority dispatch or confirm the alarm for immediate upgraded authority dispatch. This entire process takes less than 30 seconds, based on the variable settings available and does not impact the dispatch time.

AlarmNet is a registered trademark of Pittway Corp.

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