Dry Powdered Vegan Ice Cream VICECRM from Potato Protein Introduced

Turn any plant milk into vegan ice cream with VICECRM.

Dry Powdered Vegan Ice Cream VICECRM from Potato Protein Introduced
Palma, Spain, February 19, 2020 --(PR.com)-- New Potato Protein Based Vegan Ice Cream Mix Allows Anyone to Make Plant Based Ice Cream.

New dry mixture based on Advanced Potato Protein technology

New mixture allows you to use any Plant Based Milk

Vegan Gastronomy, the world’s leading vegan cooking academy, announces yet another product that will radically overhaul the plant based market. Their new potato protein based VICECRM is a simple low cost dry mix that is easily mixed with any type of plant milk and selection of oil and sweetener.

“We continue to lead the world by showing the power of the potato,” said Manuel Lynch, Founder of Vegan Gastronomy. “This completely allergy free mixture allows anyone to enter the market with a cost effective solution that meets consumer demands.”

The advanced Potato Protein based food technology uses an array of plant products that enable anyone to create a great airy and light textured non-icy ice cream. The new mixture features technology that is freeze-thaw stable allowing this to be used in domestic applications without frosting or icing.

Using a specialty type of Garofin from the Carob Trees that grow on the island of Mallorca Spain the company has mastered creating an amazing texture that is just as good the first time you open a container or the 10th time. Carob Trees grow in high volume on the island of Mallorca in the middle of the Mediterranean. The advanced technology focuses on working with any type of plant milk so that large producers of plant milk can vertically expand without much effort to make vegan ice creams, opening a new chapter in food production by bringing new capabilities to vegan milk manufacturers globally.

“We always want to show the world that it doesn't take a lot of money to eat delicious ice creams that are also healthier for human health and the environment,” said Lynch. “With our new product consumers, small ice cream shops, ice cream companies and private label companies serving the grocery markets can make simple and ultra low cost vegan ice cream that will reset the thinking of the power of the potato.”

The VICECRM 100% Vegan product is available for consumers to purchase and make in their own home from www.vegangastronomy.com/VICE or in low cost commercial volumes from www.FreeFromThat.com.

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