TWX Launched a New Product Line in Europe - TWX Home

TWX Launched a New Product Line in Europe - TWX Home
Dusseldorf, Germany, February 26, 2020 --( TWX launched its new product line, TWX Home, in Europe. Currently, TWX Home products are available in Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria.

TWX Home product line gathers a wide range of products from all-purpose bathroom and stainless steel surface cleaner, to foam for cleaning stains on different kinds of fabric (shoes, clothes, carpets, sofas, etc.). These products form an all around household cleaning solution for everyday use.

TWX® Home Bathroom - Universal Spray - effective against dirt, lime scale, soap residue and rust, this all purpose bathroom product works on all kinds of surfaces.

TWX® Home Oven - Fume Free Cleaner for Oven and Hobs - breaks up grease deposits in minutes. The product is safe to use also on self-cleaning ovens, with no need of rinsing with water after using.

TWX® Home Stainless Steel Cleaning Paste for Cooking Pots and Home Appliances - cleans everything made of stainless steel. Provides strong disinfection of areas, where applied.

TWX® Home Tiles - exterminates molds and contaminants, bringing back the original colour of the gaps. The product is safe to use no matter the colour of the tile gap. Works in bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and provides further anti-fungal protection.

TWX® Home Shoes - Universal Cleaning Foam Stain Remover - a universal stain remover, formulated for removing stains, dirt and grime of all kinds of fabric - shoes, carpets, rugs, sofas, shirts.

TWX® Home Drains - Gel for Clogged Drains, Hot & Cold Water - sinks through standing water to eliminate blockages and their unpleasant odours. The economy pack of 200 ml is enough for all clogged drains at home - kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower cabin. Works with hot and cold water.

TWX Home official website provides comprehensive information about each of the products. For customer’s convenience, the website is available in the native language of the country, where the product line is released for sale.
Oliver Richardson